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text disappears while typing

  • Using Word 2003 on Win XP
    When I go back to a document and enter a word within an existing line of words, as I type in the new word the word to the right starts to disappear letter by letter as each letter is typed in for the new word.
    How can I stop the word from disappearing?
  • Open word then depress the "ins" or "0" key on the numeric keypad.
  • How does that make this issue go away?  What is happening here?
  • You probably have the overtype feature enabled in Word.
    When you open Word, look at the status bar at the very bottom of the screen (the one that starts 'Page 1'). To the right, there are several options, including "REC", "TRK", "EXT", and "OVR". The "OVR" one is probably black, the others grayed out.
    You can get rid of the overtype feature very easily. You can push the 'Insert' key on your keyboard (typically just to the right of the 'Backspace' key) or you can double click on "OVR" button at the bottom of Word so that it becomes grayed out.
    Then you can resume your normal typing.
  • Got it.  Thanks.
  • Restart Word. On toolbar, go to tools>options
    Click Edit tab
    Uncheck Overtype Mode
    When you exit Word, it should prompt that changes have been made to the template and ask to save the changes. Allow it to save the changes and this problem
    won't bother you again, unless you double-click OVR on the bar at the bottom of the window, or re-check that box.


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