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Touchpad not recognized as touchpad on Latitude E5410

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Touchpad not recognized as touchpad on Latitude E5410

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The touchpad of my brand new Latitude E5410 is not recognized correctly with ubuntu 10.04.

It is recognized as PS/2 Generic Mouse, though multigestures and scrolling does not work.

I tried several Solutions from the ubuntu Community, with no luck. I even newly compiled the psmouse module with some suggested changes. So you see, I am no newbee to Linux.

Maybe you have an idea how to get the full functionallity out of my touchpad? Any Idea might be helpful?


I hope Dell is interested in fixing these Problems, too. At least I bought a Dell because of the good ubuntu compatibility, dell is talking about.

Windows? Oh, hell yeah, this ugly OS I start twice a year to play a game.. No, that is not an working alternative for me. You can see many people switching from Windows to Linux these times., but: Have you ever seen someone switching from Linux to Windows? If that is not a statement.

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  • If you have an E laptop with the latest alps device, it is not protocol compatible with other alps devices. This is just another example of Dell being in the pants of microsoft with little regard for Linux users.

    I have an E6410 with the same issue. I also had issues with the sdhc card reader, and power management. Power management has been resolved in the 2.6.33 kernel, and a couple of us have been working on a fix for the sdhc card reader, but no one is working on the new Alps touchpad device.

    This is why we started buying Mac Laptops for our engineers. The hardware just works and we can do meego / maemo / moblin development just fine in an ubuntu virtual machine.

    I see Dell making a lot of noise about supporting Linux, but they do nothing to push their device manufacturers into providing help with linux drivers.

    I like my E6410. It is a very cool laptop, but my next one will be a macbook.


  • there is work going on in this bug, within the ubuntu-community.

    there are some patches, but nothing final, yet.

  • Thanks. I've been following the Ubuntu work. Seems that they have parts of it working, but not everything. I think it is always useful to send a not to ALPS and Dell letting them know your concerns about this.