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Help on installing Ubuntu on Inspiron 700M

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Help on installing Ubuntu on Inspiron 700M

  • I got the chance to use Ubuntu a few days back and oh, loved it. I got Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04 dvd so that I can install it. I am currently running on Windows XP. I need help going about installing it on my Inspiron 700M. The thing is I want to make sure, I can revert back to windows, if i find ubuntu inconvenient. Thank you in advance for the help!
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    You can always "revert" back to Windows as long as you have the install
    media and appropriate license key for it.

    If you are just trying to play with Ubuntu, you can simply use the Live CD,
    or install it in a Virtual Machine. i.e. VMWare, VirtualBox, etc.

    The positive experience you had with Ubuntu, although brief, is probably a
    sign that you might really enjoy it. Can't beat feature rich and free.


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  • Another thing that you can do is set Ubuntu to install in the free space of the hard drive. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DEFRAG YOUR WINDOWS PARTITION FIRST! Failure to defrag first CAN result in data loss. Ubuntu will load its own bootloader, allowing you to choose between either Ubuntu or Windows XP with ease (some additional work needed, from what I've seen, to make it work with Vista).
  • Thanks for the reply..
    ok... once i defrag the windows partition, and am installing ubuntu, there is a point where it asks me how to partition my drive. What should I select there?
  • One of the options should be to use the free space on the hard drive for the installation as a guided setup. There will be a slider there, which should be positioned to allow enough room for your Windows partition (part of your hard drive) to exist peacefully with a bit of room to spare. The default setting should work well for the average user.