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Linux on Inspiron 9300

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Linux on Inspiron 9300

  • I want to install Linux (Suse Linux) onto my Dell Insprion 9300. I have done it before on an older laptop but had driver problems with the GFX card, sound, and wireless card. Has anyone installed Linux on an Inspiron 9300? And where can I find the correct drivers?
  • it depends on how lucky you are.  if you have no compatability problems, use YOU (yast online update) provided by suse and you should be good to go.  unfortunately, I find that suse 10 and the 9300, I have, are like hjell together specifically the bc4400 nic refuses to connect after getting dhcp data from the server.  that's right, it gets the relevante networking info and then cannot even ping that same server.   never seen anything like it!!
    I tried everything I know from the obvious manual latest driver load provided by broadcom to the not so obvious and found that using the smp kernel permits connectivity while creating a very subtle video latency that is easily missed until watching a continous flowing screensaver plod along like chitty-bangbang.
    I have read others speak as if no problem with the bc4400 an suse, so I must be missing something which fuels my current aggravation.  I consider it shameful that a much hyped distribution like suse is so resistent to a 1 year old computer from one of the top computer suppliers in the world.  after all, I did not slap this machine together with duct tape and bailing wire; this is a dell for christs sake. 
    if anyone reads this and knows of a solution to my bc4400 problem, I am very willing to give it a try. 
    aforementioned refers to suse10 and 9.3
    good luck with the 9300 and suse.   if you have problems do not blame the 9300 first, try another flavor as I ponder.
  • Thanks I might give Suse a go tonight... Ill let you know what happens.
  • I recommend updating bios prior to suse installation.  the one thing I did not look at yesterday was the state of my inspiron's bios and that solved a very peculiar problem.  
    with that understood, my apologies to suse.  
  • I have suse 10 installed on my 9300, it works great but the SD slot and the modem don't work. You'll also need a utility to get the wireless up and running.
    If you come across away to install the modem let me know

    There's a couple how-to pages from there that are SuSE on a 9300.

    Enjoy :)