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We Want Dell's Statement About Alps Touchpad Driver (if you have this problem read this)

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We Want Dell's Statement About Alps Touchpad Driver (if you have this problem read this)

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I think its about time that we will get a proper Alsp Touchpad driver for Linux.

Dell and Alps, you should be shame at yourself! not giving any support for the biggest problem of Linux? Even release the Windows's driver source code, I'm sure some developers will develop a driver from it.

We want the a senior manager to see this, and comment on the statement.

If you also have this problem, please leave a comment.

I hope someone in Dell will do something about it..

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  • Dell, why are you ignoring this?

    I can't contact any support email, and I'm not sure the Israeli support has something to do about this. So I have no way to contact you, and even when I open here a post you ignore it?!

    At least the hardware support is good...

  • Agreed.

    Dell used to be a very popular brand amongst linux users.

    I don't think they are understanding the damage they are doing to their reputation.

  • So... Dell, can you please answer?

  • we want answers dell , you dell have the worst customer service ever :( :( :(  

  • * About Dell Statment That They Didn't Recieve The Drivers Protocols From ALPS I Would Like To Say : We Bought The Laptop From Dell Not From Alps , So It's Your Responsibility Dell To Release The Driver And  I Don't Care How You Release it Without Alps Protocols Because It's Not My Business It's Yours !!!!!

    I Don't Remember When I Bought The Laptop That You Mentioned Anyway That ( It Will Work Only On Windows !!!! )

    So It's My Right To Have The Drivers I Need  Immediately By Any Means  !!!

    I'm Waiting For Your Response  DELL

  • At the and I'll contact dell support, and will ask for my money back.

    I bought a laptop that should work great with Linux, but it's not?!?!?! It didn't said anywhere Linux wont work.

    We want drivers in .deb and .rpm formats!

  • As Mr DubelBoom Said If We Didn't Get The Drivers We Want Our Hard Earned Money Back !!!

    I Will Keep My Eye On This Thread Every Day , Every Hour , And I Hope Everyone Else With The Exact Problem Do The Same And Don't Get Boared Until We Get Our Rights !!!!!!!!!!!

  • it's been over a month and half and still no official replay , is that how you treat your customers dell ? with silence ? that's really shame dell !!! definitely my next laptop won't be dell (worst afterbuy service ever ) !!!!!

  • I got this new i7 17r laptop but it looks like it is going back to its mother. can't live without scrolling and two fingers gestures.

    happy business Dell.

  • Found a solution :D

    Download: www.dahetral.com/.../file

    Install as explained here: bugs.launchpad.net/.../227

    Thanks to Florin9doi for the driver!

  • This works on my Inspiron 15R N5110.

    Thanks I have been looking for this forever!

  • This looks great, but I followed the directions as best I can, a novice user, the folder is as follows,  /usr/src/psmouse-alps-dst-1.0/

    I open a terminal as admin, type :  sudo dkms build psmouse/alps-dst-1.0

    I get this:

    Error! Invalid number of parameters passed.

    Usage: build -m <module> -v <module-version>

    This would easy for me if I just cut and paste the proper file in the proper folder, can you help. Command lines I do not understand well at all ! Can you help ? Thank you :)

  • BTW , I tested out Linux Mint 13 KDE 64 bit live DVD on my Precision M6600 and for the first time, the ALPS touchpad was not only recognised but it also showed it in the touchpad settings and I had options for vertical, horizontal and circular scrolling !  Awesome !!!  I also tried LM 13 MATE and it did not recognise the ALPS pad at all.

    The only flaw I found with the KDE version was the volume control buttons didn't control the volume.

  • I tried the :Download: www.dahetral.com/.../file

    Install as explained here: bugs.launchpad.net/.../227

    on my M6600 with Linux Mint 13 64bit MATE  the above is confusing and did not work.  Then I typed in only sudo rmmod psmouse && sudo modprobe -v psmouse and it did .  Now I can use my M6600 with MATE or KDE Mint 13 !  yeah :)

  • Hah ... after some more trial. I discovered the Mint 13 MATE works perfectly with the Alps pad also without any files needed .  Under the touchpad setting, make sure to check the box that says active mouse clicks in touchpad ! That simple !