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Clean Install of Ubuntu for Netbooks - How do I handle the drivers?

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Clean Install of Ubuntu for Netbooks - How do I handle the drivers?

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The hard drive on my Inspiron 1011 (Mini 10v) failed and I'm not sure that I want to use Windows XP again on the new drive I'll soon install, I'm seriously considering the Ubuntu netbooks edition.  My question is, after installing Ubuntu, what do I do about drivers?  How do I get the correct drivers installed?  My biggest concern is he wireless.  Thank you.

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  • Installing Ubuntu doesn't quite work the same way as with Windows. If you want visual tutorial, check out videos on Youtube that show you the process.

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  • Download the netbook version of Ubuntu, create a bootable USB stick and boot it. Choose the "Try Ubuntu" version. See which drivers work and which don't. If you can click on the Wifi symbol in the status area and see routers, then Wifi already works. If not, install to hard disk with the netbook connected to the Internet by ethernet cable. Ubuntu will then look for the drivers on-line. If that does not work, post specific observations on the forum and we'll go from here. Also, check Ubuntu forums at

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    Works very well; WiFi, webcam, sound, 3D graphics, USB, touchpad worked "Out of the box".. Minor problem with Microphone not working with pulseaudio, might just be settings.


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