I had two - count 'em, two - Mini 10v's "die" on me. i.e., they would not get past the MBR _ prompt. The first after normal use, the second after restoring the backup I made from the first. I was beyond frustrated, but I thought I'd try to install the Ubuntu 9.04 netbook remix from a USB stick since I don't have an external optical drive. It's alive!! So I thought I would post and share my joy and the links I used.

Download Ubuntu Netbook Remix | Ubuntu (iso)

Ubuntu Netbook Remix Download - Softpedia (img, if you're using a Mac to create the bootable USB stick, as I did)

Installation/FromImgFiles - Community Ubuntu Documentation

HOWTO: Use dpkg to Install .deb Files. : New Linux User - Linux Tips – Information for Using Linux

Installation/FromUSBStick - Community Ubuntu Documentation

UNR - Ubuntu Wiki

HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks - Ubuntu Wiki

Ubuntu Netbook Remix | Canonical