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  • Forum Thread: System Repair Discs & Recovery Partition Missing or Corrupted

    Good day, Not so far ago I've bought Dell Alienware M17x R5. I'm trying to create a system repair discs or a system image, but I get an error every time I try. I have downloaded an AlienwareRespawn and even upgrade it to premium in order to send my system to a factory settings and create the...
  • Forum Thread: Microsoft 8 fresh install?

    Hi all, I just bought a Dell Inspiron 15R i7-4500U with windows 8. It arrived in the mail a week ago, I installed Win 8 and then upgraded to Win8.1 from Then I noticed Dell Back-Up and Recovery ALERT telling me that my "protection index is at risk". With a lot of help from...
  • Forum Thread: Accidentally Deleted Recovery Partition

    Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop and recovery partition accidentally deleted. Where can I find recovery partition files and how i can setup it? I haven't very perfect English, sorry... Can you help me? Best Regards, Bahadır ACAR
  • Forum Reply: Re: I can't format my vista on my dell 1525!

    The link suggested for ordering a set of Discs from Dell doesn't work true for me. Please check it again.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Windows 7 - IMPORTANT Windows 7 Backup Disks to create

    yesterday i did a system recovery this blog helped a lot.... i just want to share this with all the dell users.... i am happy dell customer since three years... yo dell thanks...
  • Forum Thread: m17x r2 recovery partition not accessible

    bright father-in-law installed Windows 7. Now the recovery partition is not accessible. Any suggesstions?
  • Forum Thread: Is it necessary to back up recovery partition?

    I'm going to have to reinstall of Vista home Premium (x64) on my Inspiron 530S. In preparation for this I've made full MS backups of C: and also backups of 3rd party software by way of MS SynchToy. However, I haven't included the recovery partition D: in these backups. Is omitting D: in backup...
  • Forum Thread: Re-adding Vista's Recovery Environment/"Repair Your Computer"

    I have recently reinstalled my OS from disc, and would like to re-enable the "Repair Your Computer" F8 option for the Recovery Environment. I am assuming the process as done by Dell is basically as described here: Does anyone know where I might find Dell's...
  • Forum Thread: Can I use someone elses Windows XP OS disk for dell, if I have a dell?

    can I use my friends OS disk if I already have a dell, I just don't have the disk anymore! Please let me know ASAP, so that I can reinstall the OS and hopefully get rid of all of these darn problems I've been encountering! Thank you
  • Forum Thread: repair XP installation from recovery partition

    I'm working on an out-of-warranty Dimension 9100 with XP Media Center SP3. It is experiencing multiple errors with svchost.exe (at login), the Windows Driver Foundation, the IPX Traffic Filter driver, TLS 1.0 and it will not open image files in any program (Paint, Picture It, Jasc Photoshop or Picassa...
  • Forum Reply: Re: how to reinstall an OS on a Dell Mini without CD/DVD drives

    DELL-Larry R I'm not sure what exactly is needed to do this, but I have heard of numerous people that have done OS installs via USB key in the past. Most recently I have heard of it done specifically with the Mini 9, so you should be able to.
  • Forum Thread: OEM production key

    What is the different between the factory fitted OEM and OEM purchased from a local reseller ???? Thanks.
  • Forum Thread: Reinstall XP on old e1505

    I just upgraded my hard drive to a larger disk. Now I need to reinstall XP Media Edition. Can I copy the PC restore partition from my old drive to the new one and just use that? I have all the install disks but thought the other might be easier. I can copy the partition contents with a usb to disk drive...
  • Forum Thread: Re-assigning drive letter for recovery partition. YES or NO and if NO: Why?

    Hi and thanks for taking a look at my post. If any moderators think this post belongs in a different thread please move it or let me know where I can post it that it would come to the attention of those who can help. My problem is this: I own a Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop with a 160GB hard disk...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Studio 1558 help =(

    Accidentally formatted my laptop Studio with windows 7 and lost the recovery partition and I called to Dell support and they told me I could restore it using a Data Safe Local back up file from another Dell but I go to the Factory image restore options pressing F8, I see the Factory Image Restore but...
  • Forum Thread: DELL DSR HELP!!!

    Hi All, well I recently recieved this Dell Inspiron Mini 10 model PP19S with no DSR Partition but had one when it was built. Apparently the guy who owned it had the Harddrive reformatted and erased it. So is there anyway to get that partition back or even download the utility? Thanks in advanced!
  • Forum Thread: After upgrading to windows 8, can windows 7 be restored using the restore partition?

    I upgraded Windows 7 Home Premium x86 to Windows 8 Pro x86, and I was wondering if it was possible to restore back to Windows 7 using the restore partition. Thanks
  • Forum Thread: Dell inspiron 1545 unable to do system image recovery

    Hi guys.... i have dell inspiron 1545. It came with Vista basic OS. it has a recovery partiton . I formatted my pc (only c: not the recovery partiton) and installed windows 7. i want to do complete factory image restore from the recovery partition. How to do? i mean i insterted the vista...
  • Forum Thread: windows 7 help - recovery partition, drivers, Dell software ?s

    My current PC, a dell XPS M1530 came with Vista but I’d like to upgrade to 7 now while I have the time. I'll take the opportunity to format and I just want to make sure I’m not spending days fixing problems and looking for drivers once vista is formatted. Dell OEMS I made sure...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Duo Inspiron 1090 Recovery

    I have had my Dell for two years now. Recently, I decided that it was time to reset the computer back to the factory image. I began by using system restore to create the recovery disc using an external Lite-on drive. That went ok, twice. Every resource I reviewed online stated that I should press F8...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Dell OptiplexGX 60 A03

    my harddrive crash i cani instal windows xp profesional dell GX60 A03 .
  • Forum Thread: Recovery did not format my pc

    Hi, Lately my Studio 17 laptop (windows 7, 64-bit) has been extremely slow and although it could be a hardware issue I figured that a full reinstall (or recovery) wouldn't hurt. The problem is however that my laptop didn't come with an installation disc, so I am forced to use the built in...
  • Forum Thread: Dell Studio XPS 8100 Formatted Drive for New Install Woes

    So I got a Dell Studio XPS 8100, given to me by my professional mentor, he had some stuff on it, so I figured I should format and reinstall. I put in the Windows disk that came with it, and format the drive. Then I went to install the OS by selecting the drive I got the message: "Setup was unable...
  • Forum Thread: Unable to restore Vista to Inspiron 1720

    Hi, I am trying to restore my Inspiron 1720 via the CDs as there is no restore patrition on this particular laptop (CTRL+F11 doesn't work). I have the OS CD but not the resources/driver CD. Just after the OS restore CD asks for the country, keyboard etc during the install, a box pops up and says...
  • Forum Thread: Windows won't start after removing backup/restore partition on XPS L502X laptop

    Hello everyone, I had been running Linux and Windows for a while and everything was working fine, until I need more space for Linux and decided to remove a small partition which didn't seem to be used by Windows (and thought it'd be for backup). I haven't been able to start Windows...