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How Do I reinstall i-learn My Dell PC

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How Do I reinstall i-learn My Dell PC

  • The program mentioned has quit keeping track of my progression through the modules. I may have deleted some registry settings associated with it. I used Reg maid, a micrsoft 95 team tool to clean up loose ends in my registry. I have all the cab files etc., that came with this computer under windows options. How can I delete and reinstall i-Learn My Dell PC. Thanks timmmygee
  • timmmygee,

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  • I recently had to re format my HD on my Dell 4100 PC.   How do I reinstall the Dell software and the MS programs back to the original form that it was when Dell install them (exactly).  Some programs work while I have no clue on how to install the Dell support info.  Plus the audio Creative CD  programs dosen't work either.





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