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Unmountable Boot Volume - total crash

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Unmountable Boot Volume - total crash

  • The computer is a Dimension 4600, with Windows XP OS.

    When boot program starts running I get a blue screen with message:

    'A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer'. 'UNMOUTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME'...'Technical Information: XXX Stop: 0x000000ED (X8236B530...)

    Dell (at the end of the phone) say the hard disk will have to be reformated. The computer is two months old and I cannot easily get existing material off hard disk.


    Any way around this problem - to get the computer back running. What is the nature of the problem?

  • if Denny's good advice fails to help, here is a work-around:

    install the hard drive as a slave drive in another NTFS-compatible OS pc and get your data off of it.

    or, buy a second hard drive, make the new hdd the master and set the 'bad' hdd to slave; then install XP on the new hard drive and you should be able to see the files on the second disk.

    of course, it is possible that your current hard drive has physical errors that prevent a normal read and your data may be lost.  good luck; and please try Denny's advice.

  • Always run  a 90-90 on your hard drive before you do a fix .How do you do that?

    Press ctrl+alt+D when your computer boots up and when you see the dell logo
    Change the boot sequence as majestic suggest boot to the Dell Dimension resource cd and then choose the 32 bit disgnosits "if" you cannot run the 90-90.
    If the primary disk 0 results show it passed .
    Put in the Operating System WIN xp cd boot to the recovery console
    Type  chkdsk /p ||Press Enter
    Type fixboot  ||Press Enter
    And then restart your computer (This error usually happens after you turn off your computer directly from the powersupply/switch or power button

    How do I correct the error message "Unmountable Boot Volume" in the Microsoft® Windows® XP operating system?

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    Windows XP Stop 0xED Unmountable Boot Volume Error

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

  • Just to let you know that the problem is solved: taking your advice. This is a great forum. I booted from CD-Rom Installation disk, entered 'R' (Repair), ran chkdsk and fixboot etc and it did the trick. Thanks a lot fellows.