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Problem with starting the computer..."Checking file system of C:...FAT32"

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Problem with starting the computer..."Checking file system of C:...FAT32"

  • Hi, i'm running a Windows XP operating system, and i have encountered this problem with the "file systems on C:" when i turn on the computer.

    Checking file system on C:

    The type of file system is FAT32

    One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency.

    You may cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended that you continue. Windows will now check the disk. Volume Seriel number is...

    Windows is verifying files and folders...

    ...and the message goes on with how many KB are in folders, files, etc..

    and it says "Windows has checked the file system and found no problems."

    Does anyone understand it? Basically i turn on the computer and i let it check, and after it's done which is approximately about 3 minutes, it just stays on that screen. I'll tap keys on the keyboard, nothing will happen. It's either frozen or stuck in that screen. Are you (or anyone) familiar with this problem? Is my drive corrupt?

    Please reply, thanks....


  • You need to run CHKDSK  /F to have Windows fix any file errors. After that runs--you have to reboot to let it run--do a DEFRAG to clean up the disk. Note the space after the chkdsk.
  • Hi, thank you so much, i really appreciate your response. Well, basically...when i turn on the computer it'll automatically scan 'File System C:" and when it's done which is about 3 minutes, it'll be stuck at the screen. i cannot go any further pushing 'ctrl+alt+del' doesn't work either. I can't go anywhere after that, not even the windows startup screen, where i can go to the option to choose run. Do you think you know what might caused this problem?

    Again, thanks so much for your response and your time, but please, if your familirar with this problem or know anyone that might be able to help, please let me know. I think your response was probably the most help i've had so far...




    (the message of the screen of the computer is on my first message...)

  • You'll have to change the boot order of your system so that when you reboot it boots to the cd-rom.
    You put your XP cd in before you Save *this* change, ie boot to cd-rom, and exit. You get to Recovery Console and run chkdsk /r
  • Thanks so much, i'm going to find my XP disk and i'll give it a try. So basically i will just scan my disk drive? or recover it and what will happen after that? if there are more steps after this process, please let me know. Thanks so much for your reply i totally appreciate it.


  • Did the scan fix the problem ?
  • No, not at all i just get stuck at the screen, and it's turns all black later on. i talked to someone who told me to start the computer from the Xp disk, we've spent hours, and we later came to the conclusion that my computer's hard drive is bad, so im' either going to have to fix it or get a new one...

    Thanks for considering my post, totally appreciate it



  • No problem. Were you able to run the Dell Diagnostics software or 'your' hard drive (eg Maxtor) diagnostics on it ? Did you check the cabling to the hard drive inside the computer? (Be sure you know about grounding yourself before opening tower; static electricity can fry your whole system.) I am presuming your system is not under warranty. If it is of course Dell would send out someone to repair or replace defective parts. No need to reply if you've got this under control.