Restore windows 7 without losing my files in other partitions

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Restore windows 7 without losing my files in other partitions

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Hi there,

I have DELL INSPIRON N5110. I have a problem with dell datasafe which shipped with my laptop.

Originally my laptop shipped with windows 7. After using it for 1 year, i installed windows 8 on it. Before installing windows 8 i took backup of the system through dell local datasafe on DVD's.

Now i wish to divert back to windows 7 without losing my files stored in other partitions. I have few questions:

1. Is there any method available that without using the DVD's i restore my system back to windows 7? like hp systems provide this feature in their laptops.

2. When i boot my system through DVD 1 and goes further......all the steps are OK... but when it came to preserve my files in specific categories i am confused in this part.

I don't understand the emergency backup part. After the system searches and scans all my files for preservation step, it asks for the destination drive where it can save all my existing files that i wish to preserve. BUT the problem is I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH FREE SPACE AVAILABLE ON MY HARD DRIVE plus its very huge data and can't be saved on USB and it seems illogical because the data is already in other partitions so logically it shouldn't touch those part of the system. It should just stick to that drive in which the OS is installed and searches for all type of files on the root drive.

3. Is there any other method available that i don't lose my files in other partitions and just restore my original OS by replacing windows 8?

Please provide a link to any tutorial/guide that step by step explains the procedure.

Thanks in anticipation

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