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Dell Duo Inspiron 1090 Recovery

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Dell Duo Inspiron 1090 Recovery

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I have had my Dell for two years now. Recently, I decided that it was time to reset the computer back to the factory image. I began by using system restore to create the recovery disc using an external Lite-on drive. That went ok, twice. Every resource I reviewed online stated that I should press F8 at the BIOS startup. Well, there is not an F8 on this particular model, just an F2 for boot settings and F12 for advanced settings. So, I tried to boot from my recovery disc created. I received an error stating that a restore point was not found. Really, a restore point for a recovery disc? That was my thought. Then I tried to find a reset in the BIOS settings. No luck there either. Somehow, my computer does not show the recovery partition, but disk manager does. In addition, there is much online content and tech support about Dell Datasafe Local, but my unit uses Dell Datasafe Online. So, that is a waste. I think Dell needs to get there online resources and facts straight for ALL models.

I am at a loss because the next step is to either have someone with specialized knowledge here help me, or pay a premium for tech support, whether or not I can recover my OS (Windows 7 32 bit).

Does anybody know wtf I am not doing correctly?

Btw, that hogwash of not supplying a recovery disc is yet another corporate plan to increase revenue through sales and service. Of course, unless everyone began calling, complaining, or boycotting products without recovery discs, nothing will ever get done. What is everyones thoughts on that?

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  • Try the following steps if you are not able to access Advanced Boot Options using the F8.

      • Start the computer
      • Click on Start button or the Windows button on the left hand side bottom corner of screen.
      • In the search programs and files above the start button, type CMD.
      • Then right click on the CMD in the resulting programs and then hit Run as administrator.
      • UAC (User Account Control) would pop up, hit continue.
      • The CMD (Command Prompt) window will come up.
      • In the CMD, type the command REAGENTC /BOOTTORE, (there is a space before the Forward Slash) and then hit enter.
      • It must say Operation Successful.
      • Close the CMD (Command Prompt) and then restart the system normally.
      • You would be able to see the screen Windows is Loading Files.
      • Wait until it comes to System Recovery Options and then hit next.
      • Select your name (User Account Name) in the drop down menu, enter the Account Login Password and then hit ok.
      • You should be able to see the Recovery Tools.
      • Hit the Dell Factory Image Restore and then follow the steps for PC Restore.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Tap F8 when the computer starts and you should be able to access advanced boot options. Click on repair my computer

    You can follow the article :

    You can also create the recovery media using the dell datasafe local. Refer to the link :

  • F8 has no function for this particular model, whatsoever. F2 and F12 run boot priorities and advanced set-up, respectively. I have created 2 recovery dvd's and it only allows me to restore the computer, not to recover or reinstall Windows. I need specialized expertise, not a generic .php. Can anyone offer this? Please help.

  • Have you tried the steps given at least once?

    F2: BIOS setup (Manufacturer provided)

    F12 : Boot Device Menu (Manufacturer provided)

    F8 : Advanced Boot menu (Provided by Windows OS and not by manufacturer and thats why its not there on screen when you start the computer)

    Start the computer and on dell logo (where you see F2 and F12 option) tap the F8 button once every second to access Advanced Boot Menu.