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Install bios driver without operating system

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Install bios driver without operating system

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somebody can help me to install the last version of bios driver without operating system in my dell precision T3600?

For exemple where can I find the file of the driver and not the executable application and if I find it, where must I copy in my pc?


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  • Hi dubjulie,

    I suggest you to download Latest BIOS software to a bootable USB device. Firstly Connect the USB device after restarting the computer while tapping F12 key. This gives you boot options from which you need to select USB device. You should see the BIOS software which has already been copied to the USB driver. Select the file and start the application. Ii recommend you to connect the AC adaptor while flashing BIOS. Restart your once this process is complete.

    Follow the steps mentioned below:

    1.Download  the file: T3600A04.exe (5MB) to USB drive

    2.Boot from the USB to the DOS prompt.

    3. Run the file by typing T3600A04.exe (where y is the drive letter where the executable is located).

    Please revert for any further queries and I would be glad to help you further

    Thanks & Regards
    Rakesh R


  • Ok, thank you.

    But how can I open a dos prompt ?

  • And how make a bootable USB with only the file of update ?

    Because, if I copy only T3600A04.exe on my USB, the USB is not recognized when I boot my PC !


  • With the DVD of windows, I can access to the command. And I can see my file in my USB.

    BUT when I try to run T3600A04.exe, The prompt says me :

    "The sub-system required to take care of the type of image is not present"

    How run this executable?!!!

    It's the good prompt or can I find another? and where?


  • Hi dubjulie,

    I apologize for the wrong information given in the previous post. I would like to inform you that we will be able to do the BIOS update only in the operating system. It wont work without or outside the operating system.

    Please let us know in case of any queries

    Thanks and regards
    Harish R

    Thanks and Regards,
    Harish R
    Dell Social Media and Community Professional
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  • Like most of my interaction with Dell, this is just plain the wrong answer and demonstrates a basic lack of technical understanding, general apathy toward the needs of their customers, and a lack of comprehension of the English language. I found this when having the same issue using the window 7 recovery disk. I had downgraded my bios trying to get a piece of hardware working without realizing the older bios doesn't support my onboard drive controller. Whoops. I think this error is caused because the recovery disk is designed for the 64-bit version of windows. Here's how I got around it: Download Rufus Format your USB drive as "free dos" bootable Copy the driver package to the USB drive Reboot and press f12 to select USB Then run c:\t3600a09.exe and follow the text prompts The system will automatically reboot and apply the patch after POST
  • I did all you suggested but when I get to run the bios.exe program it says that the programm cannot be run in DOS mode. Not sure you can use this process for the latest dell bios executables?

  • Hi echrmar,

    As informed by DELL-Harish R  you will never be able to flash BIOS in DOS prompt or outside the Operating system. The system should boot to the desktop to perform this step.

    Thanks and Regards,
    DELL-Sujatha K
    Dell Social Media and Community Professional
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  • I have almost the same issue i have to update my BIOS on my Inspiron 3721 to the latest BIOS available, but i am not running windows (but the latest ubuntu) on this machine.

    I did follow the standard procedure to create a DOS usb stick, i copied and tun the .exe in it, and it return Test then nothing I am in deep trouble i have the fan issue and i have 10 laptop to install for my company.

    Here is the bios :

    Dell Inspiron 3721 System BIOS  - AO09. I have also try previous BIOS.
    My current BIOS version is ao03.

  • Worked like a charm. Thanks man. Silly Microsoft Support.

  • Follow the link below for instructions on how to build a free MS WinPE boot disk. Copy the 0760-A16.exe (example) BIOS file to the root of the USB drive in windows and then boot the target machine and tap the F12 key and select the USB drive.

    You may have to navigate to the folder and/or drive letter to run the executable (i.e. cd\ and "cd D:" or "cd E:") Your executable will be at root of the drive.

  • I literally created an account to tell you how amazing you are HelpfulDellUser, I tip my hat to you good sir or madam :D

  • This additional documentation automates the startup of the BIOS flash executable, which I'm sharing here:


    How to build bootable Flash Drive for flashing BIOS


    1. Download and install the AIK Installation Kit for Windows 7 from:





    If you've done the Mount/Unmount commands listed below previously on the same machine,

    you may need to run the following command to prevent getting errors like "files are already mounted", etc.:


    Dism /cleanup-wim


    This performs quite a few operations that wipe the slate clean on your workstation and make it ready for a new mount/unmount cycle.

    After running the cleanup-wim, you will also need to delete the c:\winpe_x86 folder and then you can start a new mount/unmount cycle.


    1. Open “Deployment Tools Command Prompt” as administrator and type: copype.cmd x86 c:\winpe_x86


    The script creates the following directory structure and copies all the necessary files for that architecture.

    For example,






    1. Copy the base image (winpe.wim) into \Winpe_x86\ISO\sources folder and rename the file to boot.wim.


    copy c:\winpe_x86\winpe.wim c:\winpe_x86\ISO\sources\boot.wim


    1. Mount the boot.wim to c:\winpe_x86\mount directory for editing and type the following commands:


    Dism /Mount-Wim /WimFile:C:\winpe_x86\ISO\sources\boot.wim /index:1 /MountDir:C:\winpe_x86\mount


    1. Edit the startnet.cmd file.

    edit c:\winpe_x86\mount\windows\system32\startnet.cmd

                    Enter the commands below:


    D:\o760-A16.exe     (runs the BIOS update placed on the root of the thumb drive.


    Exit (this will allow the machine to automatically reboot after clicking “continue” button on BIOS update.)


    1. To unmount the file system and compile back to boot.wim


    Dism /unmount-Wim /MountDir:C:\winpe_x86\mount /Commit



    1. Insert disk and format and build the disk and make bootable:


    Open AIK command prompt and type:



    list disk (if you want to check disk # for your flash drive

    select disk 1


    create partition primary

    select partition 1


    format quick fs=fat32




    1. Copy your finished file structure to the flash drive

    xcopy C:\winpe_x86\iso\*.* /e F:\


    1. Place the BIOS update file on the root of C: type:

    copy c:\o760-A16.exe F:\ (to copy it to the flash drive F)
    You are now ready to test boot your BIOS-updating flash drive.


    Incidental lessons I’ve learned from this:

    The X:\ drive correlates to the %systemdrive% variable (which is the RAM drive created in memory).

    So if you enter commands in the startnet.cmd file using %systemdrive% they will run at the root of X:\ , (which is the RAM drive or drive created in the RAM).

  • Well, I've been taking information from the web for so long, I thought it was time to give back something :-)

  • Hello Sir. I hold a Latitude E6410 from 2011 and an original Windows 7 CD for the computer. The HDD is thrown away and I have installed a Crucial M500 SSD. When running the Windows installation CD to the end I am asked "Where do you want to install Windows", but there are no options, and the SSD are not visible in the window. I am not a computer guy, but have read on the web that I might check the BIOS. I pressed the F12 and found the BIOS setup. There are no options for SSD of course. I also have an original Windows 8 available. Would that help? Are you able to guide me further? Thank you in advance for your support!