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Windows 8 on Dell Inspiron 15r (N5110) - How about native video?

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Windows 8 on Dell Inspiron 15r (N5110) - How about native video?

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Has anyone made progress on this yet? Windows 8 just went to RTM and I have yet to see anything from Dell on how to fix the video issue on this machine with Intel Video HD3000. There are tons of this machine running around but yet no answer from Dell on what the fix is. Come on guys!!

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  • Dell's deadline for "supported" machines is not the RTM release, but when it is publicly available in October.  If Dell plans to support Windows 8 on this machine, then they are probably working with Intel on it now.

  • Intel at least as said that starting September 4th, their drivers will start being available.

    So I would expect in the upcoming weeks, the drivers will start rolling out. AMD just pushed out their updated video drivers, but with my testing with the 15R SE (7520), it doesn't work with the switchable video between the 7700M and the HD 4000.

    But the Windows 8 Drivers beta drivers do work for the HD 4000 integrated graphics. I've been able to test that and it's working well.

  •      I've searched alot via google since the customer preview ver of win8 got released and alot of people said they have got it to work with an external monitor via HDMI which got me thinking the problem is in the driver that is responsible for communicating with the on board monitor which is obviously the responsbilty of DELL to figure out what is the problem but all I've found on the DELL website is this page:

    which clearly says they don't care for now maybe that will change once 8 is released publicly and maybe not all I ask is that DELL cares enough to do a diagnostic test and states the problem in detail on their website.

        About the drivers INTEL has a graphics driver out for the 3000 on win8 and still no updates from DELL on win8 or even win7 which is very old (about a year old compared to the new drivers from INTEL on win7 tried to install but it wont install and says contact the OEM if anyone can help with that pls let me know) here is a link for the graphics driver from INTEL but I have no idea how to install it :)   :

  • I provided feedback to that particular page that it was incorrect. Your experience may vary.

  • Sorryy, but Intel is responsible for the drivers, not Dell. The period between RTM and General Aviability (GA) is the time for the OEMs to solve driver problems.  

  • I respectfully desagree Let me explain why Dell is responsible at least to contact intel with the problem and if Windows 8 runs on HDMI like alot of people said (I didn't try it my self) so the 3000 graphics has no problem communicating with Win8 the problem is with the monitor and as far as I know Intel didn't make that monitor and they don't have time to test every laptop with their 3000 chip inside it (there is at least a 100 diffrent ones) so again it's absolutely and obviously the OEM's (in this case Dell)responsibility to it's customers to figure out the problem or at least contact other partys envolved to help with that (in this case Intel) but the fact that they wrote this on their website :

    " N5110 / 15R

    Inspiron N5110 / 15R systems have been tested for support of Windows 8 upgrade. The N5110 / 15R does support upgrade to Windows 8, with the following open issues directly after upgrade:


    No product-specific problems identified directly after upgrade. "

    It means they are not even gonna try to solve the issue (hope I got that wrong because I'd very much like to try out Win8) and it just makes me mad and sad at the same time :( .

  • SOLVED!!  Bios version A11 is out.  Thanks Dell!!

  • Hello friend, even I was facing the same problem and get resolved by updating the BIOS to A11. It is available in dell website

  • thanks to (jobin481) I went and downloaded the update (thanks to beejgbg as well I only saw jobin481's email notification first because I didn't check on this page or the support page or even my email)  and it works although the key that I took of Microsoft site no longer works for some reason anyway it was clearly a tipo or somthing in the support link I put above and I was angry for nothing lol lastly thanks Dell and I should've known better then to doubt you.