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Microsoft Office starter 2010

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Microsoft Office starter 2010

This question has been answered by Mary G

Eavery time I open a word /excel document using the above software, I get message as follows:

'There is a licensing problem with the product and need to close'.


The starter 2010 was pre-installed on my DEll isnpiron 570.

If there is no solution how do I get rid of any trace this software from this pc as the Unistall program form the Control panel does not do it.

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  • Hi,

    Welcome to the Dell Community Forum.

    I understand that you are facing an issue while using the Microsoft Word/Excel which came pre-installed on the computer as a part of Microsoft Office Starter 2010. We can try to repair the Microsoft Office Starter from the Control Panel. Please click on the link below.

    Under the tree “Repair Office Click-to-Run products”, please click on the Operating System that is installed in your computer to repair the program. Once the program is repaired, please update the program so that we can check if the program is validated.

    Please post back the results if the issue still persists, I will let you know what further troubleshooting has to be done.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sudeep S

  • I am sorry I should have stated initially that I did repair the office on more than one occasion .  However that did not resolve the licensing problem.

    Also unistalled 'Click- to- run' as well.

    May be there is a file for licensing missing?




  • Hi,

    Thank you for replying and I truly appreciate your technical expertise. However, it is unfortunate that the issue still persists.

    Please uninstall the program from programs and features. You can find the steps in the link below under the tree “Uninstall Office Click-to-Run products”.

    Please contact me privately by clicking on my name in blue. On the next page, click the envelope icon and provide your service tag # and contact information so I may access your account records. I will email you the file using which you can again install and use the Microsoft Office Starter.

    NOTE: Please DO NOT post any of the personal information here. It is not entertained due to security reasons.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sudeep S

  • Hi,

    1. I have tried the Uninstall of Click-to-run using control panle's Programs and Features ,however it give s me message :

    'The action cannot be completed. Try again and if does not work contact microsoft.'

    2. I have also tried to install the starter program usng  'SetupconsumerC2rolw'  but when I open a document still get the licensing problem.

    3. Were you going to suggest the same progrm 'setupconsumerC2rlow' program to re-install starter?

    4. Is it possible to get rid of all the traces of Starter programs form my pc using other than the control panel's Programs and Features ?

  • The problem you are having is caused by the 2 diff versions of Word-- the one in (Click to Run) Office and the Starter Version. One has nothing to do with the other. Not logical, I know, but true. Click to Run is the installer for Office paid version unrelated to the free Starter. You cannot uninstall click to run since it is in a hidden partition on the hard drive and it has nothing to do Word Starter. It is just there to sell you the full version of Office. Remove the MS Office Shortcut from your Desktop--if there and don't use Word that is under Office.The starter version of Word is called Microsoft Word Starter and it has a diff executable. Search for Word Starter and when you find it, make a shortcut.

    You will also need to set the Word Starter as your default for opening office documents so the annoying message will go away. There is no license required for the Starter version. Read more about it here:  There are clearer instructions in that article for using Starter.

  • Uninstall all Microsoft Office Programs on your computer and reboot. Then reinstall Office Starter (from here).

    Philip Yip


    Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Wikies See here for other wikies such as Customising and Using Windows 8.1, Dell Wireless Cards and Unofficial Drivers.

  • Thanks Mary G : The shortcut for MS Office does not exist in the desktop. Also I don't havre problem using the Starter software as I have been using it for years!  The current  problem is after opening the Word or Excel document, I get the message which suggests there is a LICENSING PROBLEM !  as I have stated before in this forum.

    I  have  reinstalled using SetupconsumerC2rolw  but same  LICENSING PROBLEM !  At the top of the screen it says Microsoft Word Starter(Unlicensed Product) !

    This whole saga started after my pc started giving very slow response a week ago so people in other forums suggested I uninstall Click-to -run application!!  

  • That can be changed by changing the default programs for opening Word Documents. Right click on a doc or a docx file and choose Word Starter and check the box for Always use this program. Another workaround is to download the Word compatibility pack.  Use that for opening word and excel files.

  • Here's an article about setting file associations that might give you more options:  

  • Thanks all for your suggestions however the 'LICENSING..problem with the starter problem still exists. I have looked into other forums on other web sites  and found that there are hundreads of people who are suffering the same  fate!

    Niether Microsoft nor Dell are either willing  to solve or  are capable of solving this problem ,may be because of financial reasons!

    I don't have support contract with DELL so stuck with this problem on my pc.

    I have now decided to use other products e.g., Openoffice  .

  • You can download and reinstall the free Starter version.

  • I have reinstalled several time in the last few days   !!!! using the program 'Setupconsumerc2rolw'  BUT the problem is soon after opening a word/excel document the message displayes as I have stated earlier on in my response : 'There is a LICENSING problem with the product,close application...'  

    so there is nothing I can do with the documents.




  • I am also having trouble with the click-to-run MS Office Starter 2010. Ever since a failed Windows Update last week Word, and Excel, have been crashing. A lot. Now Word crashes as soon as the document has loaded on the screen. I have tried repairing it - didn't work. I tried recovery to an earlier point - this appeared to confuse my laptop as it insisted Word no longer existed, so I reverted it back to its current state. I attempted to uninstall the Word and ran Click-to-run to reinstall it... this, I think exacerbated the problem, it certainly didn't help.

    Is there any way I could uninstall the Starter version and then reinstall the same programme? I did, after all, pay for it with my laptop it seems outrageous that this wouldn't be possible somehow. Please can you help?

    Also, if I reverted to factory settings, would Starter be available, or would it be wiped?

    Many Thanks!

    I have an i3 CORE, Inspiron N5050, Windows 7

  • Yes uninstall all Microsoft Office Programs on your computer and reboot. Then reinstall Office Starter (from here).

    Philip Yip


    Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Wikies See here for other wikies such as Customising and Using Windows 8.1, Dell Wireless Cards and Unofficial Drivers.

  • I actually tried that, and it didn't work (same problem as before). I have reverted my laptop to factory settings, reloaded everything (Starter is there with factory settings), and it's working just fine now. =) Thank God!

    So for anyone having problem with corrupt files, or botched reinstalls, back up EVERYTHING, and reinstall using DataSafe. TBH with this processor and stuff it was pretty quick. I've had far, far more painful experiences with viruses on my old Asus.

    Thanks anyway though, by the sounds of it my problem was pretty weird - no one could tell me why and I asked all the computer-knowing people I know!