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Windows Update Causes Computer Not to Boot, then Dell Dock Has Problems

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Windows Update Causes Computer Not to Boot, then Dell Dock Has Problems

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I wasn't sure where else to go with this. Recently, I received and installed the 14 latest important updates from Windows update. However, soon after the installation, my computer froze and then restarted, and then refused to boot Windows. It would show an error screen saying the device is covered by such and such patents and that I needed to insert and use a media disk to boot. I used the disk for my Windows 7 home premium and also the built in restore points and my back up hard drives for the four times this happened (within 24 hours I might add).

So, the first three times I restored my pc from the disk or from a restore point, the third time with a disk check in addition, so it was restored to before the updates had been installed. This is how I figured out the updates were causing the issue. I am not sure which one though...

Anyways, the fourth time it refused to read the windows 7 disk or my back up drive and took me to a screen to repair start up files or start windows normally. I had set a disk check for the next time I started windows and started it and the disk check recovered orphaned files and fixed the problem enough that most of my stuff is working again.

Except for Dell Dock. It gives me the option to send an error report and when I click it it gives me an error message, tells me to try again, and brings me back to the window with the button. So, I chose not to send it or restart the dock. I uninstalled it for now since it's non-essential to my computer running and I have destop and taskbar icons for the programs I need anyway.

I have not tried to reinstall it yet. But because I couldn't send an error report and the regular support wasn't helpful, I signed up came here. I tried going to windows for support but they said I should go to you and that they would charge me if I did ask them for help via a 1 on 1 consultation. (Which seems silly, can't I just send them an email or something?)

My Specs:

Dell Inspiron N5010 (refurbished) with Windows 7 Home Premium

6 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive, Intel Core i3 Processor (Not sure which generation, I've had this PC for two years.), and Intel HD Graphics Card

I am not even sure I am posting this in the right forum, but after 4 times and many hours in the past day spent on get the picture.

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  • Hi chikoritan1,

    Welcome to the Community.

    I understand the concern that you have with the computer

    I appreciate the troubleshooting steps that you have done; to check the hardware functionality of the computer I would advise you to run the diagnostics on the computer.

    To run the diagnostics on the computer you would need to turn off the computer and then Press and Hold the FN key then turn on the computer and let go off the FN key when the diagnostics starts and if all test passes please go ahead and restart the computer.

    As you were facing issues with dell dock and you have uninstalled it from the computer try to re-install it with the link I am mentioning in the post:

    Also try to install the windows update one by one as you said that the computer is freezing after installing the updates and check which update is causing this issue.

    Please respond in case you need any further assistance or clarification.

    Thanks and regards,
    Madhur B
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  • I am going to run the diagnostics very soon. For now, the check disk seems to have recovered whatever files were misplaced by the updates. I've managed to look through and I think I've narrowed it down to 4, possibly only 3 of the original 14 updates. Because ones of the times it occurred I only installed those four because I didn't have the net to download the others. I tried reinstalling dell dock by my antivirus stopped me and deleted the installation program because of the threat "WS.Reputation.1". Which, I read, is apparently not because the file is actually dangerous but has a low reputation score in the Norton Security Community.

    I think diagnostics will be my next step now.

    Thanks for the help! At least now I can still use my computer and do all the things I did before even without dell dock.

  • I have a similar problem. I also installed the 14 updates, and the Dell Dock quit at the next bootup. I did a complete uninstall, then new install, but still have the same issue. Also, there is a click box to report the problem to Dell, but the box is not active, so whatever is blocking Dell Dock is also blocking any reporting of the problem back to Dell.

    I have Microsoft Security Essentials (free version) running and also Malwarebytes (paid version). Using a 1-year old Inspiron laptop w/17" monitor.

    Thanks for any advice.

  • I have a Dell XPS 15 and the same problem happened to me. Unfortunately I am not a computer guy so I am stuck. The computer is not rebooting and is requesting recovery disk which I don't have. I tried the FN Key press and is running the diagnostics. I hope it will reboot. But if it doesn't can someone please advise where I can get the recovery disk or some other stuff that I can do. Thanks!

  • I had forgotten about this as it's over 3 years old. I just quit using Dell Dock and moved on. I don't even remember what it looked like or did! Sorry I can't be of any help.