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Drivers for usb devices

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Drivers for usb devices

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Hi  i'm having problems with usb devices eg printer and mouse i plug them in and get the report can't find drivers for this device even the wizard can't them any ideas the printer used to work ok but just stoped the mouse is new

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  • Usually, the default Windows drivers will work with a mouse.  As you are also having problems with the printer this suggests some type of USB hardware problem.  

    Post your PC Model Number and OS.  Can't really say without knowing what you have.  I can then move this to the appropriate hardware section (desktop or laptop).

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  • I have a Insprion 545 desktop  running Windows 7 my normal usb mouse is ok but the new one is a wireless optical one also some other usb devices like a four port hub has stoped working and now says can not find drivers for this device the printer is a HP and ran ok for about 6 months then one day it just stopped now when i plug it in it says cannot fined drivers have tryed to reinstall printer from disc but will not see printer when i plug it in ???  will be away for 4 days back thurs 7th thanks for your help Malc.