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Need a restore disc for Inspiron n5110

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Need a restore disc for Inspiron n5110

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I purchased a Dell Inspiron n5110 laptop directly in October 2011. I want to have the option to be able to resore my laptop to factory settings but have no ability to do so. For information, the OS is Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. These are the various reinstallation methods I have tried, none are of any use to me:

System Restore: I get an error message and am unable to do this when I try to access the settings or anything related, it's not related to any sort of user settings, this feature just will not work in any shape or form.

PC restore: When I press F8 (Or CTRL+F11) and select "repair your computer" I get taken to the login screen for Windows and it boots up or I get an error and have to choose a normal boot up.

Manual reinstallation: For Inspiron laptops I have to use software called Datasafe Local Backup 2.0 which I can not access. The alternative method is to use a physical Windows 7 OS disc which was not provided with my laptop, according to Dell Support a request option is only available for US customers. According to the support telephone number printed on the invoice, my warranty only covers hardware and I need to pay £139.99 for a technician to come around with a support disc and reinstall Windows 7.

The call centre itself is not Dell, I can not quite remember the name of what company it is. And now that system restore, PC restore and manual restore via Datasafe Local Backup don't work what am I to do if my OS completely gives up? How can I get a reinstallation disc without having to pay £139.99?

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