I bought xps17 very recently.

and I was getting error on dell datasafe local backup.

It says "dell datasafe local backup has stoppped working."

This error was occurring very randomly but now it's happening on every startup.

I looked for more info on event viewer and "toaster.exe" is the program that's causing this error.

after error was occurred, I tried relaunching toaster.exe manually by double clicking the toaster.exe file

in dell datasafe local backup folder.

Then after few minutes same error occurred again. "dell datasafe local backup has stopped working."

I tried to disable dell datasafe local backup or toaster.exe

but couldn't find anything that looks related to them on startup programs or services list. ('msconfig' and 'services.msc')

Is there any way I can fix this error besides uninstalling it?

If anyone knows how to disable it from startup, that's would be the best solution for me.