Hi there! First off, I apologize if I post this in the wrong place. I'm new to this. I have a Studio 17 laptop (about 2 years old). My hard drive is split into 3 groups (partitions?). 

OS C: drive has 217 GB space(1.59 GB free);

RECOVERY E: drive has 14.9 GB space (7.26 GB free);

DATAPART1 D: drive has 232 GB space (232 GB free)

My question is: Is there any way for me to increase my C: drive by getting rid of some of the D: drive. I've tried googling but all I get is how to split the D: drive to make other groups. But, I want to increase my C: drive. Possible? If you could point me to a Knowledge Base article that would be great. I've gotten rid of any extra files that I could but I keep losing disk space. If it matters, I have a Studio 1737? running Windows Vista Home Edition. ANY help is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! :)