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Dell Data Safe Restore Question and Error Message, Softthinks Scheduler Fatal Error 0x1900001000000F

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Dell Data Safe Restore Question and Error Message –Softthinks Scheduler Fatal Error 0x1900001000000F

When trying to do a full system restore I get a message that says: “An error occurred during the selection of this System Backup.  Please check the source of this System Backup.”  Also, when doing a diagnosis scan using a program called ComboFix, a message came up that said: “Softthinks Scheduler Fatal Error 0x1900001000000F.”  So, maybe the two messages mean the same thing.  However, the restore and backup options for Files and Folders seem to be working.

Please advise.



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  • Hello to viewers -

    I think I got my restore problem resolved.  And, maybe the Softhinks Fatal Error got fixed.  I can't really tell since the error message does not appear during normal usage.  It only appeared when I did a diagnosis scan, and I don't want to do the diagnosis scan again because for some reason it really caused problems on my PC.