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Dell inspiron n4110 laptop factory default restore when hard disk is formatted without deleting recovery partition.

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Hello !

I went through most of the solutions given here to recover my dell inspiron n4110.But non of them were success. Windows 7 home basic 64 bit is installed in my laptop and its i5 2.3Ghz.

My laptop has data safe local backup 2.0 installed but after reformatting the hard disk all has gone.Foratunately I saw recovery partition when formatting so I didn't damage it. Now F8 option of  advance recovery is not available.

Even I tryed to find a solution with this unfortunately not success.

Insert your Dell Vista DVD.

Restart computer.

Press F12 while the Dell logo is on the screen.

Select the DVD-ROM as you boot device.

Select the language, keyboard and time zone.

Select the "Repair your computer" option.

Select the "Command Prompt:" option.

At the Command Prompt type: D:  and press the Enter key.

At the D:\ prompt, type: cd\tools and press the Enter key.

Type: pcrestore and press the Enter key.

If this doesn't start the PC Restore application, you can do the following:

Type: imagex/apply d:\dell\image\factory.wim 1 c:

I will be pleased if some one can give best solution to get Dell Factory restore option back.Again - I still have my Recovery partition 

I did this format because laptop was dam slow like pentium 4 when 64 is installed.

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  • If you have the Vista DVD you are best to carry out a manual install as in my guide, A Clean Install of Windows, following this guide will allow you to achieve optimal performance, better than the factory settings.

    Philip Yip


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