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I have a Dimension E310 (DV051) with 1.5Gb memory. I have run MS Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser and  it indicates a few potential issues. Does anyone here know whether this system can be upgraded to Win 7 Home Premium?

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  • nezzer1,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    Chances are if the MS Upgrade Advisor found issues with doing an upgrade then, you may not be able to upgrade.

    Dell also does not have the Windows 7 drivers for this system.

  • Dell does have Vista drivers though, which will usually (but not always) work in Windows 7.  There may also be drivers from the various device manufacturers for a device on Windows 7.  What "potential issues" were indicated?

  • Thanks for your suggestions and help.

    Issues noted are:

    AERO support will not work - that's OK since I doubt that I would use it any way

    OUTLOOK EXPRESS - I don't use it any more

    Printer support for HP 940c and 970cse -

    Software issues:

    MS. NET FRAMEWORK 1.1  - not sure if I use this or not

    Acronis True Image ver 11 - backup program, WIN 7 has good backup program so don't need

    HP Image Zone 4.7 - known issues - may experience problems

    INTEL PRO SET for wired connections ver 9.20 - not sure whether I need this, I do use ethernet for home network

  • Forgot the most important one

    INTEL 82915G/GV/910GL  Express chipset family - compatability not known - I know I need this

    • Aero is not necessary, but it is nice.  If it worked, you would use it.  (Unless you are a utilitarian/all-business kinda guy.)  The onboard video probably does not have what it takes to make Aero work.  You could, however, add a video card for your system for as little as $50-60 (PCI or PCI-e x1) to support Aero and higher screen resolutions/refresh rates.
    • Outlook Express has been replaced by Window Live Essentials (includes Mail client).  You said you didn't use it anyway.
    • The printers both say that drivers are available through Windows Update.  You will need to uninstall printers/software before the upgrade.
    • Windows 7 has full .NET Framework support.  No need to worry about it (unless you are a programmer and NEED FW1.1).
    • HP Image Zone has been replaced by HP Photosmart Essential for free photo editing.  There are also many alternatives:  Picasa, Paint.NET, and Gimp (free), and PaintShop Pro ($30), among others that are supported on Windows 7.
    • The ProSet software is not supported, but it is also not required.  The drivers for your Pro/100 VE network card are built into Windows 7, so you will still have full functionality of your network port ... you just can't use the management software in Windows 7.  Uninstall this before upgrading too.
    • The chipset drivers are also likely already in Windows 7 (although graphics may not be fully supported, as already discussed).  You can try this utitlity to update anything that might be outdated or not included:


  • You should note that you cannot do an upgrade from XP to W7. You will need to do a clean install of Windows 7.

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  • Good call.  For some reason, I assumed he was upgrading from Vista, but looking back, indeed he has made no mention of which OS he has currently, other than the fact that he has Outlook Express would mean he has XP.

    That said, the only thing that changes about what I said in my last post if upgrading from XP is that you don't have to "uninstall" the incompatible software before upgrading, as you will be doing a "clean" install and starting from scratch anyway.  Boot to the Windows 7 media, and away you go :)

  • You are absolutely right that I currently use XP. I knew that a clean install was needed. I appreciate your help and direction. Sounds like the best thing to do. THANKS