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Microsoft Office 2003 Basic Edition Product Key

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Microsoft Office 2003 Basic Edition Product Key

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Due to the deterioration in the performance of my laptop (Inspiron 6000 from 2004), I decided to restore it to the factory settings.

Nearly everythingis working perfectly now except for the fact that I need a Product key for MS office 2003, I no longer have any of the boxes/Manuals etc which may have contained this information, anyone any ideas on what I can do?

According to the Microsoft website, as the software came pre-installed on the laptop, they cannot help

Thanks for any assistance


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  • You should have run Belarc Advisor before restoring to factory settings. It would have told you you're key. I guess there is no way to get the key now...

    Philip Yip


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  • Yeah, the key is gone. Microsoft, as you now know, will not help. And Dell will also not help - they do not keep any database of keys they sell.

    The best recommendation I can give is to start using Open Office, a free software suite compatible with MS Office.

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