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Task Scheduler Corrupted or Has Been Tampered with

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Task Scheduler Corrupted or Has Been Tampered with

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When I opened the Task Scheduler I got the following popup warnings:  15 instances of Task Scheduler image corrupted or has been tampered with (all with different {  }  numbers); image corrupted or has been tampered with, IH unistall tracking task, image corrrupted or has been tampered with Consolidated, image corrupted.....Update Record Path, image corrupted...Ip Address Conflict, image corrupted...UpHp Host Config, image corrupted....wireless Info, image corrupted...Svc Restart Task.

Event Viewer also reported MSE real time protection failed due to lack of definition update, which update was applied everyday.  I uninstalled MSE and reinstalled.  Volume Shadow Copy was disabled which I restarted.  I do not know if all of these occurrences were due to  Task Scheduler failure.

Event Viewer also shows many warnings for Search, 3013 Gatherer, hash map cannot be updated.  

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated?  Thank you,


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  • This sounds like possible malware/spyware.  Run a complete malware scan with a program such as Malwarebytes.  See if anything shows up.  

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  • I ran mbam quick scan before posting but decided to run full scan after your reply.  Nothing was found.  Nevertheless, today event viewer reported more corrupted volume shadow images such as with WinPatrol, invalid image hash files, expired certificates and I have not be able to access Landzdown.com for several days.  

    In any case, thank you for your suggestion.  

  • Found solution to the Volume Shadow Image.  However Even Viewer continue to report sevice critical errors for the items listed above.  Can anything be done to fix the Task Scheduler?