VDS Basic Provider - Unexpected failure. Error code: D@01010004 - Post Windows 7 SP1 & IE9 (possible resolution)

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VDS Basic Provider - Unexpected failure. Error code: D@01010004 - Post Windows 7 SP1 & IE9 (possible resolution)

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I recently updated my XPS 8300 with Windows Home Premium  to SP1 and IE 9 and started to get the above errror in the Windwos Event viewer.

I think that I managed to trace the issue down to the Intel Chipset drivers. In my case, after un-installing them through device manager and re-installing them after a reboot, the errors vanished.

(PS. It would seem that there is an incompatabilty between this site and IE9 as my posts do not get saved when using IE9. I have had to revert to another PC with IE8 in order for the posts to be saved.)


Hope that this can be of value to someone out there.

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  • Some users have to use the "compatibility" mode in I.E.9 to post on the forum.   At this moment I'm using I.E.9 in it's "native" mode, but on occasion I've had to switch to compatibility mode.  Not sure how or what's happening.

    According to one of the Dell forum modertors, the forum should work in I.E.9's native mode and not require compatibility mode.  Firefox and Chrome users have some compatibility issues with the forum, too.


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  • It's so weird to here the different experiences, because I access the forums from several different computers with IE9 (native - never needed to switch to compatibility) on both Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, and I've never had a problem posting here - not once.