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Error Loading Operating System. Help!

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Error Loading Operating System. Help!

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So I was on my Dell laptop tonight and was talking in instant messenger (AIM) with a friend. Then suddenly I get the blue screen saying "Error has occured. Make sure new software is installed properly." It was backing up memory too to not loose any valuable data.  Then it restarted. When it did I got "Error Loading Operating system".  It gets to the Dell screen but not passed that.  i checked the Boot sequence to make sure everything is enabled.

Not sure why I am getting this message.Any way for a quick fix?

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  • It depends on which operating system ... it is very important you share that kind of information, as the steps will be radically different depending on which you have.  If this is Vista or 7, put your DVD in and choose Repair your computer at the Install Now screen.

  • I am using Windows XP. What DVD repair are you referring to? I can't even load into safe mode. I could load a CD as my computer will let me.....

  • "What DVD repair are you referring to?"

    Since you didn't say what OS you were having problems with, I gave you the method to repair Vista/7, which is MUCH easier than repairing XP. 

    You will need your XP CD in order to attempt a repair.  You need to boot to it as though you were installing, then hit R for Repair, then choose to Repair using Recovery Console.  Once there, you will need to run some commands to attempt to repair it.  But before telling you which commands and risking additional damage, we need to know which system you are working with.