Problem Reinstalling Windows XP Home in Dimension 8400

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Problem Reinstalling Windows XP Home in Dimension 8400

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I'm trying to reinstall my Windows XP Home edition operating system into a Dell Dimension 8400 machine. I have the operating system CD that came with the computer and when I boot into it, it takes me through the usual start-up sequence and eventually gets me to the Windows Setup Window where I have to choose whether to continue with a complete reinstall, repair or quit. I cannot choose any of these options. It would appear that my keyboard isn't operative or the system has frozen. Any ideas how to work around this problem?

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  • Are you using a USB keyboard?

    You might want to try PS/2 keyboard.

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  • Bob2011,

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    Are you not able to hit the F2 or F12 key while booting up to enter the boot menu or the setup screen?

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  • Yes, I was using a usb keyboard and since have tried the ps/2. It worked.  Thanks alot!