Windows 7 on Optiplex GX260

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Windows 7 on Optiplex GX260

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{{{ Be forwarned: I'm a technology idiot }}}

My parents recently bought this desktop for us from a local thirft store, and loaded Windows 7 onto it. But, I am having some problems. I would check the Windows 7 compatibility page here, but...I can't get it to load!

What seems to be the main issue is that I cannot reset the screen resolution. All the icons are huge, my new printer drivers won't load at this resolution, and (duh) pages don't appear like they're supposed to.

In my humble and altogether vastly uneducated opinion, I think it's a RAM issue. This computer simply not having enough to render the graphics properly. If in fact that is the case, is this a simple solution of popping in more RAM until the capacity is reached?

Thank you in advance.



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  • The big problem, is hardware compatibility with Windows 7.  Dell only supports Windows XP on this model and thus there are not Windows 7 hardware drivers for the various devices, including the Video.  Windows 7 will install many drivers that will work or at least provide basic functionality, but on some there will not be anything available.  Usually the sound will not work in these older systems and a separate sound card that is Windows 7 compatible is needed.  Do a google search for the video drivers, if you can determine exactly what video hardware you have.  Judging from the downloads, I would suspect it has the Intel 845 G/GL video (on the motherboard).

    As this is basically obsolete hardware as it has an "AGP" slot for a separate video card.  AGP was used for older Windows operating systems and in early Windows XP systems.  But the specific version of the GS260 you have (case size) will depend on what potential video card you can use.  Some require "low profile" type cards as a full size card is too large.

    Adding more memory will not help the specific problem you have. 

    If you have Windows XP, that would be the best Operating System for this model, and Dell does have all the needed device drivers. 

    HERE is the Dell downloads and the correct and required install sequence is (1) Install Windows (2) Install Intel motherboard chipset drivers (3) install device drivers including sound, video, ethernet, etc. 

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  • Thank you so much for your response! In the last paragraph on step (1) are you referring to Windows XP? Thank you! 

  • That applies to any Windows OS.



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  • I have installed Windows 7 on several GX260 and GX270 PCs.  To correct the screen resolution problem go to the bios and change the Integrated Devices (LegacySelect Options) Onboard Video Buffer from 1 MB to 8 MB.

  • Check your Hardware. I am running Windows 7 on my Optiplex GX260.

  • Thank-you for this tip!  I was just about to forego the on-board video by installing a secondary PCI video card when I saw this hint.  Once I set the BIOS onboard buffer to 8Mb, all of my issues went away!  Yes, an Optiplex with 2Gb RAM will run Win7 quite successfully.

  • First go select your PC model.
    update your PC to BIOS A9 then Install fresh Win7
    Download Audio/ video Drivers from above link
    For Information and Contact Please Visit : 
    Now Double Click first Extract the drivers to C:\ Dell folder\Driver name.
    After opening driver folder Right on Driver installer Like Right click>>Properties>>Compatibility>> Run Select>> Windows XP (SP2) or (SP3)>>apply>>OK.
    Now Right click on installer and Run as Administrator. Prob Solved Smile Smile
    For Information and Contact Please Visit :

  • Audio Try AC97 Realtek Compatible with Windows Vista 7

    Video (Just Download Driver Genius 11 [via] And let It Do Its Thing)  Big Smile