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lost windows 7 cd

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lost windows 7 cd

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My friend is having software issues on her computer.  I was going to reinstall her OS to start from scratch after backing everything up.  However, she does seem to have the Dell Windows 7 Home premium cd.  Can I use another window 7 disk as long as I have her product id?


She has a Dell Inspirion 19, 4gb ram, 64 bit OS, E5400 2.70 GHz pentimu dual core cpu

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  • You can use another Windows 7 DVD as long as:

    • It is a Windows 7 DVD from Dell (Dell-branded OEM DVD)
    • It is Windows 7 Home Premium (other versions, like Pro, will not work)

    Alternatively, you/she can call Dell to get a DVD for Windows 7.  You may also be able to reinstall to factory defaults using the built-in (by Dell) Recovery Partition (may be F11 just after starting up system).  This does not require a DVD and is why Dell doesn't include them.

  • If the PC came with Windows 7, the Dell recovery partition (PC Restore) can be accessed by F8 at power on.  If this is still there, the PC can be completey reinstalled to the original factory condition and no discs are needed. 

    If, on the other hand, it originally had Vista, the manual method with discs will be required.

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  • Yes. you can use  another window 7 disk and install the OD from this CD. But i myself like to run the default OS i got when i bought my computer. So its better that you install it now and after finding CD, install the original one.