Windows 7 machine goes to sleep or hibernation mode literally while using the computer and won't wake up.

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Windows 7 machine goes to sleep or hibernation mode literally while using the computer and won't wake up.

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About 2 weeks ago my computer started going into sleep/hibernation mode when I was in the middle of using the computer.  I've turned all the hibernation and sleep mode settings, so the computer should stay on until the power goes out or I physically turn it off.  However the computer still turns off while I'm using it.  I bought this computer from Dell about 4 months ago, so it's really new.  I don't think this is a hardware issue, I'd be willing to bet my next paycheck that it's completely a Windows problem.  So can anyone lead me in the right direction to fix this issue?



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  • darkmatter,

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    It sounds like it could be a video card driver. Have you installed any drivers for the card lately?

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  • No I haven't, but now that you say that I have recently been getting an error saying that there is a driver incompatibility error.  I just haven't had time to research and resolve it.


    Thanks for the heads up.  I'll make time and look into it.

  • Okay I have the Nvidia GTS 240 video card in computer having the problems.  This afternoon I updated the driver to the 64-bit version listed on Dells support site.  About 10 minutes later, while watching a video on youtube, the monitor goes black again and it says entering enegery save mode.  This time I had audio running when the video went out.  While the video went out and was black, I could still hear the audio playing.  So what's plan B?

    I also have Ubuntu instaled along side Window 7, so I'm going to go boot into Ubuntu and let it run for a while and see if the video goes out in Ubuntu.  If it doesn't then it's not the monitor and must be Windows or the Windows driver.

    Any ideas?

  • Well I'm running on Ubuntu right now and have been for about an hour.  Updated Ubuntu, watched some video, monitor's still on.  I guess it's Window 7 or the driver, I'm using Dells recommended driver now, so I'm lost as to what I should do next.

    Someone help please, I want my Windows 7 back.