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How Do I Create a Windows XP Recovery CD when Dell No Longer Supplies Windows CD(s)?

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How Do I Create a Windows XP Recovery CD when Dell No Longer Supples Windows CD(s)?

This request is the result of a neighbor whose Dell Desktop keeps automatically shutting down after attempting to logon.  A message box occurs saying there is some problem (not running) with the services.exe file.

Any help you can provide will be most helpful.  My neighbor is out of business until I can get an answer on this matter.

Thanks very much.

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  • On many Dell's there is a Dell recovery partition on the hard drive, accessed by CTRL/F11 at power on.  If this PC has this you can completely restore the PC to the original factory conditon and no discs are needed.  This is the best option for restore if it's there.

    If they never got the discs or lost them (a common occurance) there is a request form to get a replacement set of discs from Dell.  Click Me     There are certain requirements to get the replacements at a very nominal charge.  If the neighbor does not qualify they will have to purchased a Windows XP disc and the needed drivers can be downloaded from the Dell downloads.

    Dell Reinstall procedures

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