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Replacement Installation Disk - Windows XP, Inspiron 9300

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Replacement Installation Disk - Windows XP, Inspiron 9300

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I am sure this is an impossibility, but I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 that has gone to Blue Screen, and after having tried all the other options, I am left with trying to use the Installation Disk to recover the OS. However, it is a 9300 and 3 years ago, I had the computer serviced by the Geek Squad, who seems to have kept the System disks.

Is it possible to get copies of my original installation disks?

If not, I will have to switch the computer to Linux, which I do not mind, but that was not my original intent.

I like the computer, but it is not worth upgrading to Windows 7.


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  • Most Dell's have a recovery partition on the hard drive and if came with XP, CTRL/F11 at initial power on will access the recovery (PC Restore) and allow you to reinstall to the original factory condition.  If yours has this, it's best to use the PC Restore. 

    If it's not there or has been deleted you can order a replacement set of discs  HERE

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  • Thank you Fireberd,

    Unfortunately, I don't have the F11 option, but it is nice to know about. I finally called up Dell Canada and asked for replacement discs, and I am grateful to them for sending me some and rewarding my stupidity.