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Using Lotus Spreadsheets on Windows 7 64 bit

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Using Lotus Spreadsheets on Windows 7 64 bit

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I just purchased a new Windows 7 64 bit system.

I have a ton of Lotus spreadsheets that I need to use for my business.

What do I need to do to get them installed on my new Windows 7 64 bit OS????

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  • What were you using to view the spreadsheets before purchasing your new computer?  Spreadsheets don't run by themselves; the last time I was working with Lotus spreadsheets I had to use the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program.  That was years ago on a machine using DOS.

    Unless you have a version of Lotus 1-2-3 or whatever that company produced to succeed that program that runs on Windows 7 you will need to keep your old computer to view them.  It is also possible that Microsoft Excel (part of Microsoft Office) or the equivalent Open Office spreadsheet program will import and convert the spreadsheets.

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  • I have Microsoft Office 2003 installed on my Windows 7 64 bit PC and Excel 2003 will import Lotus 1-2-3 files.

    Like Jack Shack, the last time I worked with those type files was back in the old DOS days (and dBaseIV data base files too).

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  • I am using Lotus SmartSuite version 9.8. I also have it on my laptop which is XP and it works fine.

    Do you think it would work on Window 7 32 bit?

  • I also have microsoft 2003 on my windows 7 64 bit pc. I will try using excel to import the files and let you know if it works for me.

  • It appears that Lotus 1-2-3 is dead, support appears to have ended.  IBM has a new free product, Lotus Symphony,  which may be able to be used instead.  This is not the Lotus Symphony of the late 1980s.  Microsoft Excel no longer supports the ability to read WK* files, in the long run it will probably to move from Lotus to a new spread sheet program.   

  • Thank you for the info.

    Will Lotus 1-2-3 work on Windows 7 32 bit

  • I have microsoft office 2007 and excel will not import lotus 1-2-3 files

  • A search on the Microsoft Office Support page led me to this:  Blocked Filetypes on Office 2003.  Try as I might, I was unable to find anything that applied directly to Office 2007.  The conclusion I reached is that your best hope is to attempt to save your old spreadsheets in the latest Microsoft Office format that your Lotus program will support.  I'm not very familiar with the most recent versions of Lotus, but even the older versions of that program had file converters that allowed you to save the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel of one version or another.

    If you no longer have the machine that supported your program, you may be out of luck.

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  • sasduca

    I just purchased a new Windows 7 64 bit system.

    I have a ton of Lotus spreadsheets that I need to use for my business.

    What do I need to do to get them installed on my new Windows 7 64 bit OS????

  • This applies to Lotus Smart Suite 9.5, cannot say anything about other versions.

    To install 123 spreadsheet on 32 or 64-bit windows 7, open the directory, open Lotus, click on Install, do not install anything else but 123.

    Worked for me on my laptop (win7 32) and desktop (win7 64)

    Good luck

  • I have a way for users to use their Lotus 123 on a Windows 7 Computer 32/64 Bit if they really need to have it running. I have an existing client using it and it works just fine.

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  • I am trying to install Lotus 123 on a Windows 7 PC.  How did you install it??

  • I would be grateful for a solution regarding Lotus 123 Version 5, which installed on Windows 7 32 bit, but wo'nt on 64 bit.


  • Can you tell me how to install Lotus 123 V5 on Windows 7 64 bit? It worked fine on Windows 7 32 bit. I have managed to install Lotus 123 97 on 64 bit, but I prefer V5.


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  • When older applications will not install or run in a newer OS, use of Windows Compatibility Mode might work. Go to the properties page for the installation (right click the icon) and set Compatibility Mode and select the OS that the program ran successfuly on. After installation, repeat the compatibility settings for the program icon. This process has worked well for me where just setting Compatibility Mode on the program icon doesn't work.

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