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Softwares download issue with Dell Studio 1745 (Windows 7 Home Premium - 64Bit) - Touch Screen

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Softwares download issue with Dell Studio 1745 (Windows 7 Home Premium - 64Bit) - Touch Screen

  • Hi Guys,

    I bought a Dell Laptop 1745 with wondows 7 home premium 64 bit in the last week of February 2010, due to some problem with the system I reinstalled my OS system again and when I went to install all dell software from dell support, I was surprised to see a long list of softwares and I dont know which software I should download for example in SATA Drives there are 5 softwares category named Intel Application, Intel Driver, Intel Utilities these three categories have one-one software to download names is AHCI........Now how do I know which software I shoud downlaod ???????? third and forth category is for Seagate and each category has 5 - 5 software to download ?????????????

    Anyways, when I start downloading these and other softwares then I recieved some errors like this software is not for your system.....then what it is doing there when I choosed very well the option of MY Service Tag and then windows 7 - 64 bit ????? This is something a shameful thing for Dell that Dell is not able to categorized softwares after two types of filter........Is this just to earn money from clients by selling the software help.....does buying the system is not enough ?????? In my life I bought Dell for the very first time and by GOD for the last time and Its my aim to stop my dear and near ones to buy a Dell product..

    But my story is not just finished the above mentioned best categorization of the world I installed all the softwares some were for my laptop and some were not....but now I don't know which software is missing or is extra that I have downloaded which is going to create a problem for my laptop in future ?????

    Moreover that when I was facing some problem with some of new downloaded softwares then I searched the dell website and I found the newer version of some softwares........Oh my GOD !!!!!!!!! what the Hell is this ???????????? when there is a new version or the software update for any of the software then why dont Dell updated that at the main downlaod page in order to avoid downloading of older version of any software ???? or just providing a link which will help us ?????? I was asking to myself is this a very big thing which Dell is not capable to manage or is there something else which we will never come to know ????????? I don't want to give name but with other companies this is not an issue; just choose your model all the software which are just for your laptop available there and update them by windows notification.

    Anyways Friends !!!! Please help me out on this and please provide me some link, some place or some way where I could see the appropriate and latest softwares which is for my Dell 1745 windows 7 - 64 Bit Home Premium Touch Screen Laptop.........

    I wish someone will see this from Dell and will think about improving their way of working like this as company is by client, client is not by company......

    O God Plz help Dell as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • New Dell's come with a recovery partition on the hard drive, accessed by F8 at power on for Vista and Windows 7 systems.  This will restore the PC to the original factory condition and no discs or driver downloads are needed.  This "PC Restore" feature is the best way to restore the PC. 

    HERE is the Dell instructions on using the PC Restore (recovery partition).

    BTW, we are primarily non Dell employee users helping users on this forum.   


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  • Thanks for your response..........however at the time of reinstallation of OS, I have deleted that by mistake and now I am unable to do this...........

    Sorry !!!!!!!! Any other solution plz.......

  • Assuming that you system is working correctly,  you need to do nothing about drivers.  You will have to relaod any applications.  Use the Microsoft/Windows Update to obtain any updates.  On every Dell PC I have had since Window NT 4.0, I had a some point either reinstalled the OS or replaced it with a later version, and have never needed to go to Dell for software updates.  All Microsoft certified drivers, will during the certification processes wind up on Microsoft's site. 

    Please don't blame Dell, or ask for God's help neither is appropriate.