Error in NVCPL.DLL Missing Entry:NvCplRestorePersistence

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Error in NVCPL.DLL Missing Entry:NvCplRestorePersistence

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VISTA threw up 3 identical error windows today:

Error in NVCPL.DLL

 Missing Entry:NvCplRestorePersistence

 Also getting a lot of window flickerring.

I assume this is due to Windows Update applying an NVidia update ............. anybody know what I have to do to fix this ?

Running Vista 32bit SP2

NVidia Geforce 7900 GS



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  • I suggest that you download and save to hard drive the current drivers from nVidia:

    Uninstall the current display drivers using add/rmove, restart your PC and install the ones you downloaded. I never let Windows update install drivers.

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