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Can't see "Dell Factory Image Restore" for Win7?

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Can't see "Dell Factory Image Restore" for Win7?

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Hi all,

In my new E6500, i want to Recover my Windows7 to Factory, But there is no Dell Factory Image Restore in Advanced Boot Options !

I have 3 partitions:

1) Healthy (Hidden)

2) Recovery (Hidden)

3) C: (~240 Gb)

What i have to do?


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  • As soon as the F2 and F12 options disappear from the screen, start tapping F8.
    When the Windows menu pops up, choose the top option: "Repair Your Computer"

    It should load the repair utility, and restore the image -  just follow the prompts...
    If I recall correctly you need to tell it what keyboard layout to use and confirm that you really want to restore it, and a few minutes later it's done.

  • Dear Darr247, Thanks.

    There is no problem to enter to  Advanced Boot Options (By pressing F8, choosing Repair your computer, choosing language and administrator user) But i can't find Dell Factory Image Restore in recovery window:

  • That installation of Win7 appears to have been moved (to D:), so it's possibly using
    a different boot record than the one that pointed at the Dell Utility partition.

    Here's what that screen looks like on my 1545 with Win7...


     Did you move it to D drive, or was it like that when you got it?

  • I'm having the exact same issue with my Studio XPS 1647.  I can get to the Advance Boot menu after pressing F8 but do not have the option to choose the Dell Factory Image Restore.  I tried doing a fresh install of Windows 7 and would like to restore the Dell factory image.

  • Follow the instructions HERE. Even though they are for Vista they work the same for 7

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  • Thanks so much for your quick reply and help.  I followed these instructions all the way to the command prompt and get stuck after entering "CD Tools".  My computer gives me an error and says "The system cannot find the path specified".

    My recovery partition shows up so I'm not sure why I can't access it through the F8, or CTRL F11 process. 

  • I have the same problem. I have a studio 1558 model notebook with windows 7 home premium preinstalled. I forgot to create a recovery disc first and After manual installation of windows7, I am not getting the option Dell Factory Restore in Advanced Boot Options.

    Here is a snapshot of disk management of my notebook........


    Now what I have to do to get back to factory settings..............

  • Hi ajay,

    you don't get "Dell Factory Restore in Advanced Boot Options" if you install manually.

    first restore the image from recovery partition. then you will get a "Dell Factory Restore in Advanced Boot Options"

    for restoring your image follow the procedure, i had given in other post

    just follow the last procedure


  • I am having this same problem. Can you help me?

  • Did you follow the instructions in the link provided in the message from Davet50 on 03-03-2010 2:56 AM, TMarieC ?

  • i have formatted my new dell XPS 17 due to problem with my language as i have bought this computer mistakenly in dutch so again i installed windows 7 in English language  but now i did not find those software and utilities which were there before. I want to get back my softwares like Dell webcam, dell stage and other software which came within it when i purchased. so what can i do to get those back again. please help me. i am not so good enough in using computers.

  • Me too latest poster, with the creative username =)

  • heyyy
    plz help me  out
    RECOVERY disk when  i take storage disk management

    so what should i do to do dell factory image restore
    plz reply asap

    i don't know have much knowledge 

  • ysh10 - you need to state your problem a little clearer, preferrably with no texting abbreviations.

    Personally, I have no idea what

    "RECOVERY disk when  i take storage disk management

    so what should i do to do dell factory image restore"

    is supposed to mean.

  • Actually I ain't able to get the option Dell Factory Image Restore in System Recovery Options !