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Dell XPS M140 and Windows 7

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Dell XPS M140 and Windows 7

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Hi, I have a Dell XPS M140 and have been considering the upgrade to Windows 7.  I was wondering if anyone on the forum had done the same and what the results where.  Essentially looking to find out whether it was a good upgrade overall and if the computer is functioning properly with everything working as it should.  According to the Windows 7 upgrade advisor some things didn't seem so certain.  If there's anyone with direct experience with this exact computer, please let me know.  I'd be most appreciative.  Thanks!

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  • Hi,


    Currently using a M140 on Windows 7 RC, it works swimmingly. Actually seems about the speed of XP, much better than Vista.

  • I'm very glad to hear and thanks for the reply, it's very much appreciated.  I do have a follow up question though and that's if the "Aero" themes work properly?  I've read that our chipset for the M140 (Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family) is not compliant with Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) and therefore does not support the Aero peek feature.  Can you confirm whether this is true or not?  Thanks again.

  • I just made the switch a couple of nights ago from XP to Windows 7.  It seemed to work well at first, but now my computer is running noticeably slower.  I've had it 4 years now, and never cleaned it (then last night it would start back up for a minute, then said it was having overheating issues).  I know it needs to be clean, but that seems to me like it's a pretty big coincidence to go 4 years with no cooling problems, then 24 hours after i switch to Windows 7 it has those issues.  The other problem i seem to having a bit of trouble with is the possibly the 2200 BG wireless network card.  It says the drivers won't work with windows 7, but i did some research and people said to go ahead and use them anyway cause they do work.  It doesn't seem to be running quite as well as it did on XP.

    Did you make the switch, yet?  I'm curious to hear if you've had any issues...  Or has anyone else heard of this at all?

  • Correct, WDDM is not supported.

  • I have a xps m140 and just installed windows 7 on it.  The computer works GREAT!  however, I am only able to connect to the internet if I have an ethernet cable plugged directly into the laptop.  I was told to download the wireless driver, except it doesn't list windows 7 as an operating system.  I searched this issue and found other posts that say dell just hasn't produced drivers for windows 7???  I tried calling them and they tried to charge me for service over the phone, which is pretty rediculous seeing as how I purchased one of their products.  Moreover, is even more rediculous if they just don't make updates for these laptops and windows 7.  I am asking, how do I get the driver to allow my laptop to pick up wireless networks???

  • What wireless adapter do you have - Make and model?  Dell not providing updates for older machine is typical of the industry, HP has no current drivers for my scanner.

  • I personally don't have a wireless adapter.  However, I live in an apt complex and before I updated I could see that there are many wireless connections in my complex but they were all locked.  Furthermore, There is accessible wireless in the lobby.  The problem is, my laptop doesn't even see the wireless, it doesn't recognize any interent unless its plugged in directly.  I simply cannot even attempt to connect to wireless networks because my computer can't find them even though I know they are there.

  • The wireless adapter is the device that connects you PC to a wireless network.  Therefore you do have a wireless adapter or you could not have previously seen the networks in your building. You can use the Device manager to determine what devices you have.

  • Sorry, I was confused with wireless router.  Would that be the Dell wireless 350 bluetooth adapter?? or broadcom 440x10/100 integrated controller (network adapter)  the modem is HDA cx11254 but I don't know if that has anything at all to  do with what you asked me.  I looked under the tab "system devices" and didn't find anything that looked like it was labled a wireless adapter.  thanks for the help


    For everyone with this computer who wants to upgrade to Windows 7, I have the answer!

    Dell made vista drivers for the mini adapter, which work PERFECT on 7.

    Thank me now or thank me later. Either way, you're welcome!


  • ... the hyperlink tweaked out...

  • I fixed the link for you.

    BTW, those are Intel drivers, not Dell drivers.

    Dell Vista 32-bit drivers: