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Having trouble reinstalling Dell Tools System Software CD after manual re-install

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I just did a manual re-install of an XP OS and have successfully done so, up until I went to load the re-installation CDs.  I ran the Dell Resource CD first, then tried to run the CD for Dell Tools System Software.  When trying to run the CD, I get the following error:   Another version of the Dell ResourceCD has been detected.  Because some of the drivers used by the ResourceCD have changed, you will need to uninstall the previous version before the installation of this version can continue.  The previous version of the ResourceCD can be uninstalled from "Add/Remove Programs" in Control Panel.  Would you like to run "Add/Remove Progrms" now?

The Tools System Software CD contents are Antivirus software, support software, multimedia software, and internet software.  I really don't care about the Antivirus part, but would like to get the rest.

Why is the CD being recognized as the ResourceCD?  How should i proceed?  Were these items on the ResourceCD also, making this CD irrelevent? My comp is a Dimension B110.  Thanks, all.

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