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windows 7 activation key?

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windows 7 activation key?

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I live in Europe but seeing as there are no support forums there I try to post here.

I have received today my new laptop and can't find the windows activation key, after spending hours on the phone with Dell I was told it should be on a sticker underneath the machine, problem is, there is no sticker on mine. Huh? So what do I do in case one day I want to re-install windows and it asks for the activation key?

Looking through "system properties" I noticed that at the bottom it says "windows activated", and under that it lists an ID number or serial number, would that be the activation key I'd use to re-install? Confused

Any help welcome.

Thanks for reading


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  • If the laptop was shipped with Windows installed at the factory, you do not need a key to activate.  Dell uses System Locked Preinstallation (SLP) to activate a re-installation performed with the DVD that was shipped with the laptop.  When you boot from the DVD, the SLP code on the CD looks for a signature in the Dell BIOS.  If the signature is found, the installation is automatically activated.  Note that this only works with the Dell labeled DVD that ships with a new Dell.

    If you are still worried about the COA sticker, look in the battery compartment.  That seems to be the preferred location for this sticker on several of the new laptops.

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  • You were right, the COA sticker was located in the battery compartment. And I am also pleased to know that the provided DVD installs without any problem. Thank you very much for your help Smile

  • You're very welcome.  Best of luck to you!


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