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Dell Windows 7 Pro - Recovery Disc - Backup

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Dell Windows 7 Pro - Recovery Disc - Backup

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I received a new notebook recently along with the Windows 7 Pro recovery disc.  I would like to make a backup of this disc and keep the original in my fireproof safe.  I noticed that the disc is 5.74GB.  Is there anyway to make a backup to keep near the computer without using a dual layer disc?

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  • That does not sound right. My Windows 7 x64 Pro disk is only 3GB. Dell must have added alot of extra stuff on that disk. But then again my disk is only for Pro since I got it thru the MSDN and your disk might include all versions up to Ultimate, just a guess. I would have to see if I can find where I put the Windows 7 HP disks I got from Dell and look to see how big they are.

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  • It is the red Dell Windows 7 Recovery Disc that came with the laptop.  I made an image prior to burning and the image came out to 5.74GB.  Then I stopped because I don't have any dual layer discs.

    Maybe the OEM disc has more information / programs on it than a retail / MSDN.

  • Windows 7 is just like windows vista... the install image contains all the versions of windows on one disc, and your cd or computer key is the actual thing that tells windows what version you are supposed to have... thus some things would not be installed and others would.. however with all this in mind, the actual image should not be more then 3.6ish gigs for windows and even Dells stuff shouldn't take more then a gig or so unless you got a lot of junk..

    All that not withstanding, have you tried to do a DVD to DVD copy using the burning software that came with your computer?  It is possible that if you ripped the software from the dvd, it uncompressed something so your image got bigger and bigger.  If you do a bit for bit dvd copy, and they used a normal dvd (not a DL) then you should have no problems with the backup.  I HIGHLY doubt Dell would send you a dual layer dvd recovery disk since they are pricy even for manufactures................. i had something else but i forgot it..


    hope this helps!

  • It's the dual layer pressed disc.  Nice gold color instead of the single layer silver color.  I used ImgBurn to make the image prior to burning and that is when it came out to 5.74GB.

    I'm aware that the disc is only the OS and I only purchased the 'required' software with the machine (I.e. no add-ons).  I like using open source software and am aware that when I restore I will first need drivers from Dell for some of the hardware.