I want dell backup and recovery manager software(for vista or windows7)

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I want dell backup and recovery manager software(for vista or windows7)

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Hi I already have done that. I put my OS DVD and with repair I restore system (just my system restore work from there) but nothing happened. And in boot menu the ‘’ other device‘’ isn’t exist. I want to know if I install new operating system on my laptop for example windows7, can I install ‘’dell backup and recovery manager’’ software on it or not? And can I have new ‘’Recovery partition’’ for my windows 7? Moreover I don’t have ‘’dell backup and recovery manager’s CD or DVD for reinstall it. How can I get ’dell backup and recovery manager software for reinstalling it? Thank you very much.
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  • reza_pal,

    Thank you for contacting the Dell Community Forums.  What system model do you have?

  • FWIW:  Another option that you might look into is Acronis True Image.  You can then image the entire setup, data files and all as a snapshot, store the image on another drive (i.e. External HD) and then you can restore the PC to exactly where the snapshot was taken.  This way you do not have to reinstall all programs, registrations and licenses (as long as it is same PC image was made from).  This way, if the main disk completely failed, you could put in a new drive and restore back to where it was operating at from when the image was made. 

  • I have bought Vostro 1520 with windows vista home basic.

  • model#pp22x

  • Download:

    Dell_Backup---Recovery-Manag_A02_R314072.exe           for 32 bit system.

    Dell_Backup---Recovery-Manag_A02_R314074.exe           for 64 bit system.


  • can i buy a windows 7 32bit resore disk for my latituded610 or cant i