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My dell downloads - "Service Tag not Supported.".

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My dell downloads - "Service Tag not Supported.".

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Hello all,

I recently purchased a Dell Studio XPS 16, I was increadibly happy with the system but there was only 1 problem..Windows Vista..

I decided ti install Windows 7 Ultimate with a fresh install.

While installing the drivers I found a piece of paper with a link to a dell site where I would be able to download all the bloatware the was formally installed when revieving the PC with windows Vista but no success.....

Every time I registrer my PC it tells me "Service Tag not Supported."

What can I do?????

Thank you.


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     I would be able to download all the bloatware the was formally installed when revieving the PC with windows Vista


    Dell has never provided that type of download, only drivers and a very few applications for any system.


    XPS 1640 or 1645?

  • Mombodog -  "My Dell Downloads"  seems to be a new feature.   From the FAQ:

    "My Dell Downloads contains certain software titles that are installed on your system at time of purchase. My Dell Downloads allows you to access and download the software titles to your hard drive. You can choose to either re-install it or create a backup copy to an external storage device (e.g. DVD or USB Key)."

    As to why it's not recognizing the service tag  -  can only guess it's the same kind of problem others have reported with similar things like the Win7 upgrade.  Sometimes the tags take a while to get registered for a new system, or if it was bought retail it wasn't registered with Dell, or there's just a glitch and have to call Dell to get the tag working correctly.

    'Tis a poor carpenter that blames his tools.

  • Thanks Alexandra_P

    A new feature I was not aware of..


  • KACLR - If you can send me your Service Tag, System Type and OS in a Private Conversation, I can verify your eligibility to Win7 and get the registration site working for you.

    Hope this helps, Mandy @ Dell

  • You go Girl!




  • I have a very similar problem.  I bought a dell studio for christmas with windows 7.  I only now tried to use the my dell downloads to download the pre-installed software to create backup cd/dvd's.  I click on the license agreement, then click the register your system button that appears, but never see anything else.  I did have to click to allow the software to run/install at the top of the browser window. 


    Thanks for any help,


  • I have the same problem. Service tag not supported. Service tag is , Dimension E520. I have the Windows XP Professional to Windows Vista Business Express Upgrade CD and the Vista upgrade assistant DVD. Just not the original XP Professional Restore CD. Had to replace the hard drive. The one it came with went bad, really bad. Any help would be appreciated.


    <ADMIN NOTE : Service Tag removed per privacy policy>

  • Are you still able to help if we send you our Service tag? I am having the same issue.

  • same issue here..never got any drivers cd with my laptop..came here and tried to download all the drivers using the my dell download thingy..but it said my service tag is not supported and refused to continue!!

  • Please post your full model number and OS and bit version

  • inspiron n4010 14r; windows 7 ultimate;64 bit;

  • Download them from this page.

    Use your browser to download, not the Dell download manager

  • thanks..but the list doesn't feature any drivers for my webcam? what do i do about that?

  • Use device manager to manually install the webcam driver, Open Device Manager, right click on the unknown image device and select "Update Driver" then "Browse my computer for driver software", then "let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" then click the "Have Disk" button, then click the "browse" button, browse to "C:\Windows\inf" folder and find "usbvideo.inf" and select it , then hit OK, drivers should load.

  • done. but i cant figure out how to use my webcam. sorry if i am almost laptop illiterate. :P