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XPS 710 Windows 7 Compatible or not?

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XPS 710 Windows 7 Compatible or not?

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I have a 710 and would love to get it up to speed.  Currently on XP.  When I run the upgrade adviser it gives me an unexpected error and asks for the reinstall.  I ahve reinstalled/rebooted and to no avail.  That makes me a bit skeptical, but I see a lot of folks out there that are upgrading XPS systems with success (model not on the Dell list).  I would appreciate any help/feedback!

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  • konales,

    Thank you for contacting the Dell Community Forums.  The XPS 710 apparently was not one of the systems specifically tested for Windows 7 compatibility by Dell engineers.  That doesn't mean Windows 7 won't work on the system, however.  If the Microsoft Upgrade Advisor keeps encountering an unexpected error, you may want to perform a clean boot of XP and try again.  Instructions for clean booting XP can be found at this site.  Also, be aware that you can't perform a direct upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7; you will have to run a clean install if you decide to go to the new OS.   Please post here if you continue having problems.

  • Wow, thanks for the quick reply.  Yep, just went through the rigmarole of a clean boot and still to no avail.  Still get the unexpected error.  No clue and dont see much else in posts.  Thanks for the tip on the clean install, I am aware of the mission if I choose to accept.  Thanks!

  • konales,

    For what it's worth, Microsoft is aware of this issue (it's happening on non-Dell systems as well).  See this thread for an example.   Hopefully the problem will be resolved soon. 

  • Thanks for the ref, I will continue to follow.

  • I'm currently running Win7 on my XPS 710, and for the most part it seems to be doing fine.  The only really annoying problem so far has been with the side-buttons on the Dell Optical Mouse.  Win7's default mouse driver doesn't recognize them, and the Dell Mouse Suite isn't fully compatible with Win7.  I like to reverse the "forward" and "back" functions, so that clicking the "back" button (the one closer to my wrist) scrolls down a page, and clicking the "forward" button (the one closer to my fingertips) scrolls up.  The computer has trouble remembering the changed setting from one session to another (although the Mouse Suite program doesn't realize that the settings have changed back to default), so I have to keep resetting it.  It would be nice if Dell would give us an updated version of the Mouse Suite that works with Win7.

  • Thanks a lot for the feedback, I really appreciate your experience.  I think this is what I needed to get me over the hurdle and just do the upgrade. 



    Thanks again!

  • sIR I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH my XPS 710 in bios its show my hard drives but when i on it it will be hang i have 3 hard drive (1) 2TB (2) 4TB (3)4TB  

    is windows  problem or mother bord problem??????????


  • Try with a single 4 TB HDD, does it still hang? If so then 4 TB is too large for this system to support.

    Philip Yip


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  • My previous  system is dell optiplex 760 there is no error.

    On 760 i use  1(2TB) 2(4TB) 3(4TB)

    other wise Dell XPS 420 good working Or Dell XPS 710 for batter for high performance