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Windows 7 for Latitude D830

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Windows 7 for Latitude D830

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           I have Dell Latitude D830 laptop with Windows Vista Business SP1 installed. Now I want to know ,

does it supports Windows 7 Ultimate or not especially drivers? Can I upgrade windows vista to windows 7 ultimate?




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  • Go here: install & run the Advisor.  If it passes you should be alright.

  • hello,

              I have already run the advisor, it is saying that I can upgrade to windows 7 professional or ultimate. But I want to ask , if there is any System specific limitations for upgradation.




  • I'm not sure if there is for your model, just as I'm not sure that "upgradation" is a word?Smile   But if it passed the Advisor you should be alright, almost everything that runs on Vista will run on Windows 7.  You may not know if your going to have issues until you upgrade.  There are however, some work arounds with driver issues.  I have a HP Laser Printer which I had some compatibility issues, because it didn't have Windows 7 drivers, but I installed the Vista drivers for it & it runs fine. 

  • anp24,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    Dell does not have any Win 7 drivers for this system. Windows 7 does have many drivers already imbedded into the OS.

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  • i have installed windows 7 ultimate on my d830, but the graphics drivers doesnt works, i dont know what to do! please help! i installed the one for vista in the dells support page, but it doesnt works, also i downloaded the nvidia quadro nvs 140m and it wont work either, please help me! :D

  • The Dell LAtatude d830 i have dosen't need to download anything. It installs by itself.

  • The D830 could be configured with the onboard Intel graphics and standard resolution screen, or with a high-end NVidia Quadro graphics chip and higher resolution screen.  Windows installs without a hitch with onboard graphics, but it requires the NVidia driver if so equipped.