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Can't download Dell driver software (from Dell web site) to a CD/external media

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Can't download Dell driver software (from Dell web site) to a CD/external media

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Crashed a Dell laptop hard drive. Replaced hard drive. Reinstalled XP OS. Now looking to reinstall drivers. Driver CD was not provided with the original laptop nor with XP replacement software. Went to Dell driver website to download driver software specific to my laptop onto CD from a different computer since the broken laptop does not have web access yet. When try to download, it wants to INSTALL the software as opposed to SAVE or RUN, which is the normal download message. Obviously I do not want to INSTALL the drivers on a different computer. I need to SAVE the driver software to a CD, so I can load to the broken laptop.

Are there settings in IE or Vista software (on the downloading computer, not the broken laptop) that will change a download option for INSTALL to SAVE/RUN?


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  • scottea444,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    You can click the title below and fill out the form to receive the disc you do not receive. What system do you have? I can then take a look at that driver page and see whats going on.

    Backup Disc Replacement Form


    Thanks for the reply. I completed the form you mentioned and was sent an email that I had to speak with someone at Dell , which I did. They sent me the XP OS software today by Fed X which I loaded. They would not send me the driver software as they said I could get it from the web site. The laptop is XPS Inspiron M140/630m. Using another computer, I can locate the driver software I need from the Dell driver page, but I can't download to a CD. It keeps trying to have me install it on the other/wrong computer. I either need a way to download to external media or have Dell mail me a CD of it. Thanks.

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  • scottea444,

    Can you edit your post and remove your system service tag number? That is a TOS violation.

    I am sending you a private message so reply back with the information I am requesting.

  • I have the same problem with not knowing how to "save" the drivers to a flash drive instead of installing them.  I just reformatted a Dell 4550 and need the chipset, ethernet, audio and PCI input drivers.  How do I save them to a flash drive?

    Thanks.  Carl

  • Carl:

    Problem solved. The initial file of the driver software download package is the "download manager" which needs to be INSTALLED on the secondary PC. It's like a utility file. It is the only file that is actually installed. Once it is installed, the remaining driver files can be SAVED to new file name on the secondary PC that you designate. Then they can be moved to a flash drive or CD to reload onto the primary (broken) PC. Just in case, I backed up my secondary PC, but it was unnecessary.