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Dell Latitude D620 - Drivers for Windows 7

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Dell Latitude D620 - Drivers for Windows 7

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Dell Latitude D620 is compatible with Windows 7.

Where i can get  Dell official Windows 7 drivers for this laptop??? There are no drivers for Win 7 on support page....

I'm upset Sad

Plz help me.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Check your device manager. Windows 7 has a wealth of drivers already in it. If you see no devices with either a ! or X next to it then you are good.

    Also you can try the Vista drivers. Most will work.

    Only Dell knows if and when they will actually provide drivers.

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  • I don't undersatnd why the model is compatible, but official drivers are not aviliabe.

  • I am running Windows 7 Pro, and all the Windows 7 drivers that it found and installed work fine with one exception.  The built in Windows 7 driver for the touch pad does not include the advanced features, such as setting the right side of the touch pad to be able to scroll on a page.  I even tried to see if there were Win 7 drivers for this touch pad available outside of Dell, but I could not find anything.  The Windows Vista drivers for this will not work on Windows 7 Pro. (I am running the 64-bit version of Windows 7)  The touch pad works fine for moving the mouse and tapping to select, but I do miss the ability to scroll and use the top right corner as right-click.

  • try the 32 bit vista driver HERE. Dell never released a 64 bit version for Vista so that may mean it will work.

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  • I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate with no issues (other than my t2300e processor not supporting VT technology) on a domain for roughly 4 months now.  I believe I used the Touch Pad driver from XP and it worked after checking/configuring compatibility during the install process.  I currently have the R113813 driver installed and full control of device properties in the control panel.  I too was disappointed with the loss of this function and didn't even think to check the properties in the control panel to enable this feature. 

  • try this:


  • Try downloading Synaptics Pointing Device Software.

    I was running windows vista on a Dell Studio 1555, when I installed windows 7, my touchpad side scrollings stopped working.
    After installing Synaptics, it worked again! Hope it works.

  • I downloaded the Windows 7 64-bit ALPS touchpad driver from the Dell support site for a Latitude E6410,and it seems to be working okay on the Latitude D620.  I have to press a little harder for the scroll on the D620 than I need to on my E6410, but otherwise it works okay.

  • I'm running windows 7 pro x64 on my D620.. everything works ..but I haven't found a touchpad driver that doesn't crash. Makes absolutely no sense that Dell won't update drivers for hardware that's obviously more than capable of running windows 7. Pretty much guarantees the next laptop I buy won't be a Dell

  • Have you tried one of the drivers for a newer Latitude?  For example, I used the 64-bit driver for the E6410, and it seems to be working fine on my D620.

  • Thank you...

    That one actually works.. I've tried a few of the drivers for newer latitudes, but they usually stopped working after the first reboot.. Makes me wonder how much more of the windows 7 specific drivers for newer latitudes would work in a D620, and why Dell won't link them to the D620 drivers page.

  • Dell doesnt update their drivers that often, and usually get drivers from other providers, such as synaptic.

    Have you tried synaptic's website for drivers/software?? Dell is not a bad brand in terms of quality and price put together. I currently have a dell studio 1555, windows 7 ultimate x64. It has been dropped, scratched and basically had everything thrown at it and it still runs like a dream. If not dell, then hp.

    I used to have a Acer Aspire, it died after 2 months, got it replaced and that one died after 6 months all under warranty, then got it repaired before warranty ran out. And after a year from that it totally died. Keyboard faulty, card reader faulty, hdd faulty.

  • In general, I like Dell laptops. This one has outlived the two laptops I attempted to replace it with. The warranty expired over a year ago, but it's still running strong. My overall experience with computers has been if it has problems in the first few months, it's always going to have problems. I had an xps m1530 with a faulty graphics card. After the 2nd replacement also went bad, I sent it back for a refund. I don't really think it was Dells fault for the graphics card being bad, but maybe they shouldn't have replaced a bad graphics card with another bad graphics card, twice. So while I like Dell products in general, I think the company has gone downhill in big way.

  • Rockstar, Thanks for pointing me to the Alps driver for windows vista. I thought I had downloaded the vista driver since it was dated 2/4/12 but apparently it was still the XP driver even though I had chose Vista 32bit as my choice. All is working fine now. 

  • I found the drivers for windows 7 here and they work great.