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What do I do when memory integrity test fails?

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I have a dimension 1525 laptop and suddenly cannot get Windows Vista to work.  I ran the diagnostics and got Error Code 0123, with the message that the memory integrity test failed.  According to the Dell support site I should contact tech support, but I don't want to pay if it's something I can solve myself.  Any help out there?

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  • laurieg925,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    It appears that a memory dimm has gone bad on your laptop. Probably Dimm A.

    You can replace your memory in this system. Before removing or installing any hardware, disconnect all cables and peripheral devices. Also ensure all important data has been backed up and the system turned off.

    1. Remove the AC power.
    2. Remove the Battery
    3. Remove the Access panel from underneath laptop . This is a plate with 4 small screws.

    Pull the retaining clips away from the memory SODIMM A to release it.

    Slide the memory SODIMM A from its socket.

    Pull the retaining clips away from the memory SODIMM B to release it.

    Slide the memory SODIMM B from its socket.

    You should now be able to install more memory.

    You can order memory through Dells Spare Parts Department  or go to and order throught them.

    Here are your memory specs:

    Memory module connectors Two SODIMM connectors
    Memory module capacities 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4GB
    Memory type 667 MHz SODIMM DDR2
    Minimum memory 512 MB
    Maximum memory 4 GB