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System Recovery for Dell Inspiron 1520

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System Recovery for Dell Inspiron 1520

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Hi everyone! 


Hope you can help! Anyway - About a year ago not long after I had my laptop I called through to Dell Support, and not being to computer literate at the time, I'd had a virus installed on my laptop! Sooo I decided best to just flush the thing out and did a full system recovery - Yes dramatic I know but I just wanted a clean slate! 


Anyway - I would now like to do another one - There are numerous different pieces of advice on this through out the web, however they all mention enter one of the F keys on startup and further options become available to restore - However as before when I contacted Customer Support this option isn't there, and I can't remember for the life of me what I was advised to do! 


Also the tech agents I spoke too talked me through manually installing the drivers back onto the laptop again - But of course I can't remember what they are either! 


So if someone out there could help and let me know how to do a full system recovery and which drivers to install I'd REALLY appreciate it! 


Oh one last thing, when I tried with tech help then they advised me to take out the battery for a few minutes??? Sorry I know that's not helpfull in the least but It's all I can remember. 





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